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Couch to 5K
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I remember this week from last last year when i completed c25k so i made sure I didn’t take it for granted that after my 20mins run this would be an easy run!! Sure enough when it came to the 8 mins run I could feel my calves ache & thats a first since i started running again so i slowed down a bit & once i got my pace right i was fine & finished my run 😊 ok very slowly but its still a run & all set for run 2 on Wednesday! Its funny because this time round if i take a 2 day break , i know ive got to get out the next day or i lose momentum!! Sometimes after the continuous longer runs i feel i need 2 days in between! However yesterday i did a 6km walk so was ready for run today! Happy running everyone 😊

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Just curious, why did you stop running after doing the C25K lsst year?


Good question! I think i had too high expectations after graduation and i really missed the structure of the program! I think as i was a slow runner😂I immediately thought that each run after week 9 I would find it easier & quicker but considering i had never ran in my 59yrs i think I expected too much😂. It took me 44mins to do the 5k!! And i also thought i would love Running like everyone here seemed to get!! Yes i loved the buzz after it but it still was hard to keep to 3 times a week run!! This time though i really am enjoying it but i am not so obsessed with speed, distance & taking it slow & steady & im determined to get to 5k again & aim to get that parkrun done that ive never managed😊more a confidence thing! This forum is great & I stopped checking in after 5k and I should have still posted to keep me motivated 😊hope that answers your question 😂im still trying for “i love Running 😂”


Wow, very good answer. My running tapers off sometimes and I find it hard to get motivated. As for the Love of Running, I don't know whether I have that, even after all these years.

Good luck with the rest of the C25K Pc59 , it seems to be working out better for you this time around 8-)


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