Running with the Zoms: Week 8 done!

Good morning running pals,

This morning I completed the last run of week 8. My goodness, if you had asked me in week 1 whether I would still be running 7 weeks later, I am not sure I would have had the confidence to say yes! But here I am.

It wasn't my favourite run – I enjoyed the last 2 28 min runs but this one felt a bit harder. Not sure why, apart from the fact that I was a little tired this morning, work has been kicking my ar*e a bit this week and I had trouble getting to sleep last night. Am sure that had some effect. But! When the going got tough, I just slowed down. Running through a park in long grass felt a bit hard work too, and my knees were a bit wobbly during the cool down walk, but after my usual stretches I feel okay.

Most of all, I feel like a runner. I am super proud of myself. I love the way running makes me feel.

Day off work today and tomorrow thank god. I have decided to reward myself a bit and go visit the lovely Run and Become store in Victoria to have a gait analysis and buy some new runners. Very excited about that!

In other news, the zombies didn't get me.




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23 Replies

  • Well done, glad the Zombies didn't eat you!! I'll reply more later, but I'm off tomorrow at least :-)

    You've done so incredibly well. You're nearly a graduate!!

  • Thank you, Neil! 😘

  • well done you :)

  • Thanks ju-ju 😊

  • Go Sadie! Well done you amazing woman you xx

  • Thank you, fellow Sadie! Hope you are doing well. xxx

  • Yes back on track! W4R3 so plodding onwards! Have a good day xx

  • Good lass, keep it up! 😘

  • Well done! I did W8R2 yesterday and found it hard going too, I'm not sure why. But we are almost there! Have you been doing the zombie runs all the way though? I was thinking of looking at that after finishing the podcast C25K, does it repeat the same runs though or can we use it as a follow on?

  • Hello siobhp! Sometimes there is no one reason you can put your finger on as to why a run was hard <shrugs shoulders> But as long as you get through it, safe in the knowledge that better runs are to come!

    I was going to save Zombies, Run! until after graduation, but was too curious to wait! You can run it alongside C25K, as you can set the duration of your mission. So, I have been doing 28 min missions. You can also have a playlist of music going on at the same time. It's not really that scary, but has a story so it's a good distraction. Download it and take a little look!

    Good luck with your final run of week 8! Yes, we are nearly there. I am taking an extra rest day and will start week 9 on Sunday. Very excited to see if I can make 30 minutes!

    Sadie 😘

  • Thank you! I'll have a look at that, it sounds fun. Much as I love Laura I'm getting a bit bored of her music so I think the zombies could be perfect for those last few runs!

  • And Good Luck for the 30 mins! I'm sure you'll make it, i went over by mistake when Laura crashed on me and I didn't even notice the difference by that point!

  • Thanks! You know, I really don't know how my 30 min run will go! Not hugely confident but at the same time not feeling particularly worried! You went over?!? Cripes! Ha ha ha!

  • Oh Sadie-runs you'll smash it, I know you will :) You're a pro at this now, a veritable female Usain Bolt :) I'm so looking forward to your graduation though. I'll be so proud of you!

    I decided to take the day off running, I'll have a crack at it tomorrow. Plus, the promised rain break has not materialised yet lol

  • I love that you have faith in me, but I am no Usain! He is far too speedy. I do have his cockiness and a signature move, though.

    Not hugely confident as my last 28 min run nearly killed me. The last 5 mins felt so long that I even had to check the app to make sure it had not paused, and my legs wobbled like a drunk person's on my cool down walk. But meh! Every run is different, and I think I was just tired.

    Very glad you are not running today. I think it wise. Storm due to hit London tonight/tomorrow morning yikes! Glad I planned my next run for Sunday now! Looking forward to springtime runs next year already...

  • Over by 2 minutes! Not long ago it seemed like an eternity, but it was really ok.

  • I think I am just scared I'll fall at the "last hurdle" - week 9. I have managed every run so far, so a little negative voice is suggesting that this might be the week. 🙁 Silly me. My W8R3 clearly put the willies up me a bit.

  • I'm with you there! I found W8R2 really hard yesterday and starting thinking NO I cannot stop now after getting through them all so far. So I put more pressure on myself and it made my legs feel even heavier! But we can do this and maybe this time next week we might be on that podium!! 😀

  • Ha ha! Yup, sheer bloody mindedness got me through that last run too. We graduate in the same week! We can do this, right?! Despite my slight gremlins, I am getting happy butterflies of anticipation 🦋 about running for 30 mins. Have not done that yet. Am sure your W8R3 will go swimmingly! 😘

  • Oh lorks, I couldn't listen to anything but my own playlists!

  • Wow, you're doing so well! I've been wondering about the zombie run app, in fact I posted about it somewhere else on here this morning! Being a Walking Dead fan, I wonder if I might get too into it and end up injuring myself....I do have a love/hate relationship with the zombie genre!

    It's great reading posts like this from people who are further along in the programme, it really does give me hope and keep me going!

    Good luck with future runs and well done for coming so far!!!

  • Thanks Gemma! You are doing fantastically well too! This programme is amazing, right?

    To be honest, Zombies, Run is not that intense. Well, yet! I have only completed three missions. And I am easily scared. I love the zombie genre, including The Walking Dead, so had to give this a go! If you like zombie stuff, you must read The Girl With all the Gifts by M.R Carey. A-mazing read. Well written, too.

    All the best with your next run!

    Sadie x

  • Oooh, I'll have a look on Amazon for the book, thank you!

    I am curious about the app, perhaps I'll give it a go, what a clever idea for a training app, I'm almost cross that I didn't think of it myself!

    Roll on Monday evening! I hope we see Carol return to her former bad ass self!

    I hope your next run is good!

    Gemma x

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