Half Marathon in 1:57!!!

Half Marathon in 1:57!!!

Hi all!!!

Today was the day I had to run a HM in training. The forecast was for light rain when I checked last night but when I got up it was fairly heavy. I woke up early so I could have breakfast at 6am and leave home at 8am.

I got my dates de-seeded and broken in half so they would be easy to munch on when running. I was considering running without my Gore windstopper running jacket, but the rain kept coming so I decided to wear it for the first time.

My aim was to attempt to run in less than 2 hours but I wasn't sure how the weather would affect me, this was the first time I has run a longer run in these conditions. The first few kms were a bit difficult because my body hadn't warmed and loosened up. But I knew that I needed an average pace of 5:40 per km or faster to run sub 2 hours so I made sure I kept to this pace.

I followed JJ's advice and broke the run into smaller chunks. I set my Garmin up to show me how long was left in the current km and what my average pace within that km was. This allowed me to focus on sticking to my aim in smaller chunks and worked very well.

The rain probably made me run faster than I was initially aiming for because whenever I slowed a little I felt cold so I sped up a bit to stay warm.

There were massive puddles everywhere and I tried to avoid them but I stepped into a few massive ones and soaked my feet. The largest one was when I was crossing the A12 and realised that there was a mini lake covering half the road, my options were to either run in the road into traffic and run around the lake or wade through it, I thought getting wet feet was better than getting hit by a car!

I ate a date after about 45 minutes and then ate 2 more before I finished, they really help in giving an energy boost.

I found the pace comfortable until I got to the last 2.5km and then found it a but more difficult, but I was near the end then so I was able to keep the pace up to the end.

Per the Garmin a was not running for a total on 1 min, which was when I was waiting to cross roads, so I think it is realistic to run within 1:55 when I run my HM in 2 weeks time.

The photo is me when I got home, I was soaked through because I opened the jacket zip slightly because I was getting hot in the last 5km!

Here is a link to my run:


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  • Fab to read this. I am running a half in Brighton in Feb, just starting my training now, so very interesting to read how someone else has go on! Well done you!

  • I found my training plan on Runners World, however I have tailored it a fair bit to make sure I can do Parkrun each week. It is a 3 month programme so you have plenty of time.

  • Fab run, well done !

  • Thanks!

  • Awesome!! Well done :)

  • Thanks!

  • Well done on a great run. You seen to be getting your mid-race refuelling worked out. On my last long run, I too, had my first nibble at about 45 minutes and this helped me. It's also good you experienced tacking the hm distance in bad weather as you'll feel confident on race day, no matter what the weather throws at you.

  • Thanks, it takes a bit of practice but now I can eat the dates without messing up my breathing. Hopefully I get a reasonable day but you are right that I don't think a bad day with faze me now...well that is unless there is thick fog, I hate fog!

  • wow good time that! 2 weeks to the next one? That's keen ;-) I'm waiting 6 months for mine!

  • Thanks! The training plan told me to run a HM, two weeks before the main event, so I'm trusting that the legs will hold out!

  • Great run. Love the big grin on your face in the picture - well deserved too!

  • Thanks! I made my Dad take the photo while I dripping in the hallway!

  • Really amazing and well done. Fantastic time - you will fly through at the real deal :-)

  • Thanks!

  • You look like you are out to conquer Everest, Aftabs!! Your training plan certainly has delivered you to where you wanted to be at this stage. Congratulations on good planning and the time.

  • Thanks! I wouldn't have got this far without all the advice and support from everyone here.

  • Aftabs you have done so well in such a short time, well done on your first h/m and a wonderful time too. You will be so pleased getting that run out of the way, you can set off in 2 weeks time with confidence now. :)

  • Thanks! I don't reflect on it as often as I should but only 7 months ago I was having to mentally ready myself for the 60 second running intervals. C25K really is a special programme.

  • Well done you; love the "holsters at dawn" look!

  • Thanks for your comment and getting the spaghetti western music stuck in my head!

  • Well Aftabs, that's a fantastic achievement.

  • Thanks!

  • Sporty a pleased look there and so well deserved, sounds like a great run and a fantastic time. You will sail through you HM. Well done.

  • Thanks! I am very pleased and now have 2 weeks to decide what time I want to push for. I am tempted to push for 1:50 but that might be a tad optimistic.

  • Brilliant as ever Aftabs, so when will you set your sights on the full marathon?

  • Thanks and that's a good question. I think I'll apply for the 2015 London Marathon and take it from there. If I don't get in I'll then think of other marathons.

  • Take a trip north!:-) A few of us are (tentatively - barring injury!) thinking of doing the Loch Ness Marathon in September 2014.

  • Funny you should also be thinking towards 2015. I am looking to do a second hm next April or May first.

  • There is a Brentwood street circuit in March or April that I may sign up for. However once thie HM is over with I will be concentrating on getting my 5km time down in the next 3 months. The Marathon will be a medium to long term aim, because I will want to dedicate enough time to it to get a good time. I have spent a lot of time on my running so far and need to start hitting the gym again to put on a bit of muscle, everyone says I look too thin!

  • It sounds like you and me both! I want to improve my speed. And most people I know complain I look too thin.

  • Hi aftabs. Well done with that run today. My 18k run today turned into a 14k washout in the end, having started early and finding nothing but persistent heavy rain. No fun at all.. I'll be oking out for you at Brentwood!

  • It definately wasn't nice yesterday!

  • Well done Aftabs, your journey to HM has been amazing and quick, great inspiration for others.

  • done my first 13.7 last night same time well i use jelly babies i will try the date thing good run well dne

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