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W4R3 🌓✔️

Well lovely morning here for my final run of the week. Some technical issues again this morn😡 my phone doesn't like to multi task MJ, Map my run, Spotify through my ear phone ok to play loud them works when l get home 😠This is disrupting the start of my run 😏Usual creeky start then got into pace. Think it will be better when lm not stopping and starting as lm in full stride and could go on when MJ tells me to stop.

Noticing my breathing recovering quicker now so stamina building.

The sky was full of stars late last night when l took the dogs for there final stroll but now this morning too cloudy. I shall miss running under the stars next week as too much pollution down south to see them.

Well must go off on my journey happy running weekend everyone 🏃‍♀️👍🌅

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Glad you had a good run enjoy the Deep South!


Well done. Enjoy week 5 😀

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Well done... getting there now:)

Make sure you up your stamina, and core strength exercise on rest days now, as the runs get longer:) Just keep the starts slow, after a great warm up.I creak most mornings.( Old age :))

You are going to love the longer runs when they come along:) Happy trip:)


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