W5r2... 20mins next😱😱

Hadn’t slept great last night & thought i might leave run till tomorrow! However came home from work & changed into running gear and off i went i only did 3.64km and it was pretty slow but I completed it😊 second set of 8 mins was so so especially last 4mins , more about it seemed such a long..... time!! Amazing how long minutes seem when running them! Really nervous about the 20mins even though ive done it before & i know the program works but seems a big jump!!! Il just keep reading the posts & stay positive!! 😊


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  • Congratulations! Slow & steady is the best way. You did 20min run before, you'll do it again. Your body is ready. As you remember it is a mental challenge. You can do it! And you will do it!!!

  • Ah thanks nervous but determined too as so mad at myself for not continuing after running 5k!! But now its accepting im back out there😊you are so right it is as big a mental challenge as a running challenge! Hope you are enjoying your runs😊

  • So need to get back at it think I was here 12 months ago and was doing 5k 3 times a week starting walking group today so I'll get there

  • You would have been around same time as me I graduated exactly 1year ago so please it would be good to see you back keeping me going!! 😊

  • Yes I remember you leave it with me gona try n get back at it

  • I'd have to check, but my first attempt was also 1 year ago. We can do it this time and continue our running journey together in 5k+ ;)

  • Just keep reading the posts and stay positive............

    You know you can do it.

  • You know its reading the posts every day that keeps me going!! & kicks me out the door 😂so grateful to everyone 😊

  • You'll be fine just remember slow and steady gets you there

  • Will do il enjoy rest day tomorrow but im trying to do strengthening exercises on rest days as hip niggles a bit! Glutes i think😊

  • Well done for doing the run today! Get some good rest and you will do the 20 minutes! It seems unbelievable but it's do able! I did mine by accident,I meant to repeat run 2 but my phone moved to the next item on the playlist...I just went with it and was amazed that I could do it, but I did! Well done for today, best of luck for the next run :)

  • Thanks & well done on that 20mins! Will be doing my leg exercises ready for tomorrow 😊

  • Hi, we're at the same place! I did w5r2 yesterday. I've got a couple of things I do if it seems like a long run. I do things that take my mind somewhere else. I usually listen to music or an audio book while I run, but if it's hard going, I will either conjugate French verbs, design things or work out some complex maths problem. the other thing I do is set a point way way in the distance, and decide that if this run isn't over by the time I get there, I will walk for 30 seconds. It's all about tricking the mind. Good luck next run! I'll be looking out for your report :)

  • Good thinking ! I listen to music & think il wait till 2 songs are done & then i count my steps anything to keep my mind occupied!! Must try audio book for a change! Heres to our 20mins il look out for your post😊

  • No, "only" in it.... you ran. Now just forget speed or distance, pat yourself on the back and move on. Well done you!

    Slow and steady.. you are ready for the run... it is no more difficult than any other run... it just follows the run before.

    Folk may get tried of hearing , slow and steady...but..it works:)

  • Trust me old floss its you & slow and steady in my head that keeps me running... so keep saying it... & you are right i think its my competitiveness in me about speed & distance & last night i thought no you don’t need to push to 4.2km like other times to do do a good run just stick to the program... was a hectic day at work so took all my energy going out😂😂 So slow & steady definitely for me👍😊

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