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I did it!

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I have always claimed I can never run and had this reinforced by sport at school throughout my childhood. Despite past encouragement it has taken me to get to 42 and other mums to get me to give it a go. I was planning to join a Couch to 5k group run at the local park but we were going to go away for parts of the summer so my husband suggested I just did the app and get on with it. I did. It wasn't easy - running for 1 min was hideous. Around week 4 I had large pain in my lower leg and had to rest up and nearly gave up. But I didn't. And after completing Week 9 I did my first Parkrun on Saturday. I was aiming for around 38 mins and did it in 35.49. A huge thanks to the app and this group. Onwards and upwards.

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That’s fab. What a great achievement. Well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Excellent! Well done you!

Reading his sort of post is exactly what everyone needs to do when they are having doubts.

You stuck with it and now get you Mrs 35 Minute Park Run

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I love reading posts like this - well done on graduating and also your first Parkrun!☺

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That's amazing!! Well done!! This is an achievement to feel proud about for the rest of your life

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Congratulations and well done both for completing the programme and doing your first ParkRun.

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