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First 5k complete!

First 5k complete!

So having got bored of running the same route i decided to take the plunge and book a 5k run. I am on week 6 as had to have a break due to injury but had been carrying on with various leg strengthening exercises in the mean time to keep strength up. Rocked up to my local Park run and had vowed to take it steady. I ran 3 walked 1 (very steady so as not to over do it!) all the way round and was just pleased to complete the course as i hadn't been running actual 5km with the programme, just the times in the app. Well did i rock it... HELL YEAH! Really enjoyed the comaradery of a park run and totally reccommend it. One volunteer pace setter kept me going-she was brilliant and i did it in 41.38. Yes it took me a while but i am so pleased. I have never have run 5km before. This program has helped me to achieve it and i am so greatful. I dare to think that i am becoming a 'proper' runner. Such a great feeling to have achieved this... looking to improve my time gradually now. And build my stamina for a 10km in August. Will keep on the programme to finish it as i enjoy my short interval training too. Just goes to prove that you can achieve anything if u put your mind to it! Have added a before and after photo of my friend and i!

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Well done girls 👍💪


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