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Week 7 runs 1 and 2 - twingey knee


I can’t believe it - I’ve run for 20 minutes not once but twice! But I’ve now got a twingey knee, maybe because I ran up and down a steep woodland path. Should I rest an extra day? It’s not very sore, and I do want to keep with the programme...

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Yes take extra rest days until there's no pain. Ice it and take it slowly and gently the next run. There's no rush to get through the programme and you don't want to get injured when you're so close to the finish line.

Thank you -wise if frustrating advice!


Listen to O'HRH.

Running down steep hills puts huge stress on knees, so be warned and take it easy in future.

Oh dear - I guess I found that out the hard way! Thanks for the warning.


Listen to her Majesty!

in reply to Oldfloss

Listening with my feet up... on the couch! Gah!

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