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Couch to 5K
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Week 1, day 1

Well, I did the first proper run today. Yesterday I was late home and it was too late to run as there are no street lights and narrow country lanes here so Mac and I had a brisk walk instead.

The joy of running will, I'm sure,come back to me eventually. I enjoyed it but really loved the walking as usual. We did an extra 15 minutes of walking.; 5 minutes beforehand and 10 minutes afterwards.

The middle couple of minutes were a little hard as it is mainly up and down hill but I slowed my pace and kept up the running. Off for a shower as it was drizzling while we ran. Any tips for frizz free hair while exercising? ;)

Thanks for all the support.

I can recommend the C25k programme to any and everyone xXx

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On target!

Enjoy the journey.

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Thanks, Ian.


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