Life after C25K

Hello 😄 what a lovely day for a run!

Just ran a healthy 33 minutes which is 3 weeks or so after completing C25K and sticking loyally to 5km 3x week but.... it’s not super easy and I thought it may be by now. I’m gerting a stitch most runs despite being hydrated and still doing the 5 non brisk walk before and after the run . Getting conflicting advice so would like to ask your thoughts and tips please?

I’ve been trying to swop feet about, breathing through it etc and it does go eventually but it dominates 10/15 minutes of my run unfortunately.


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8 Replies

  • The only advice I have followed to get rid of a stitch is that given on the podcasts..........slow down and breathe worked for me on the one occasion that I had a stitch.

  • Thank you, i do wonder what I’m doing that’s unhelpful to me to get so many ....

  • Do you drink while running?

  • No ..... like to run unhindered so don’t carry anything although I now have a very lightweight belt for my phone and a key. I thought for 30 mins or so I could be fine to run without carrying water - I make sure I’m hydrated beforehand.

  • Vary the runs.... do 30 minute consolidation but it does not have to be 5K, any or every time or 30 minutes all the time.. Do short, slightly faster runs.. do a long, 'see where you get to' run and then maybe head for the C25K+ podcasts...and as the lovely IannodaTruffe says.. slow right down... feel that happy pace and just enjoy the building up stage:)

  • Thank you - maybe I’m racing off a tad then! I try to end with a sprint but it gone by then - I’ll feed back . 😊

  • I found I got a stitch if I ate too soon before running. An hour before is OK for me but anything less, even a snack, and I suffered. Avoid high fat and fibre foods too, as they take longer to digest.

    A tip I read, and that worked for me, is if you get a stitch slow down then synch your breathing so you step forward on the opposite side to the stitch as you breath out. So, if the stitch is on your left side, put your right foot down as you breath out. I don't know the science behind it, but it's something to do with releasing the trapped muscles that cause stitch.

  • Yes! That’s what I’ve been doing a little foot shuffle as I go along a few times . Odd. I tend to have toast with peanut butter an hour or so before so perhaps I’ll leave the peanuts butter next tine . Thank you!

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