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Life after C25K

Hey Guys.

I am in sunny Guyana, S. America visiting my parents. I've run 3 times in the past week but have only done about 20 mins. The National Park is quite busy circa 0600hrs to beat the heat. A circuit is about 1500m so I've only managed to do just under 3k. Hopefully, it's acclimatisation. I felt my breathing settle and maybe it's laziness?!! In the 3rd world it's best not to travel with gadgets such as my phone and maybe even my watch so I am lacking the encouraging 3rd party motivation. I'll know more after tomorrow's run.

On my return to the UK it looks like the Active 5k to 10k app is my next step but I like coming back to this lovely fraternity of people.

I am currently reading 2 books "Fat Man to Green Man" and "What I talk about When I talk about Running" ... both are very good!

Take care, people, and you are all excused now. (You know this is part of a joke, right?)

Lord O.

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My Leige, we are global :-)

Good to hear from you , I doff my cap to you for getting out there and running in the heat :-)

Have a good trip :-D xxx


Well it's cloudy and cool in chile. Try to just to enjoy the run, you will have lots of runs to measure and monitor. I would recommend the stepping stones podcasts to try first, then build up to stamina and speed. The 10km podcasts are tough ones so I would slowly build up to 40minuts first.


Running slowly for 20 minutes in the heat is harder than half an hour of "normal" pace if it's cooler - particularly if the heat includes humidity, which I find particularly draining in terms of energy for doing anything let alone running.

I don't know what your normal pace is, but I was running at about that pace here in my training for some weeks before doing a park run in the UK and did that (on a cool slightly damp day on a flat course) in 27 mins 15 s. So you're probably doing absolutely fine and it's "just" acclimatisation (and jet lag?? how long have you been there??), so don't push yourself to go faster - possibly see if you could go a bit further though.


Well done for running at all while you are away!


I don't think you are lazy at all. Running in the heat for 20 minutes is harder than in cooler weather. Good for you!


Sounds perfectly respectable to me, especially in that heat! Well done.


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