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Back on the road

Hadn't run for 5 days, had opted out of a run, tired and achy, but determined to get back on the circuit. Unsure about taking Laura with me ( she does keep on a bit!) ummed and aahed a bit and then ended up with the interval training podcast! Took a 3 minute recovery walk then carried on running. Fastest 5K to date, and I wasn't struggling to complete it. That 5 day break was worth it.

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Good work 😃👍

Great to be back out there. A bit of a rest is a good thing

Love those intervals with Laura. They kick ass! 😃

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What is this interval training of which you speak! Is it different to C25K?


C25k+ Stepping Stones podcasts! I thought that's what you meant. It's the brilliant follow-on to the C25k programme. Intervals again, painful music, but a must-do if you want to kick on from C25k

I still run them regularly.


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