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Thinking out loud for W6 R3

Just thinking out loud...I think it was w5 r3 that seems daunting for us all , the big jump to 20 mins running. Now I'm back to shorter rbd then it seems like a jump up to w6 r3 of 25mins. But that's actually only a little further than the 20 mins run of a week ago so why does it seem that so many of us find the last few weeks tough when it looks like repeated similar long runs? Is it in the mind...?

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Hi Jog Dog! Yep it’s the mind !!😂

I also found this run difficult I was like WHat ?? And I stopped for a couple of seconds 2 times to get my breath. Week 6 really built me up and gave me confidence and so the run for this week was so much better. I felt my stamina was better and I actually got excited instead of dreading it. Changed my mindset and guess what it went really well. I thought I would have to repeat the run of 20 mins. But the guys on here encouraged me to keep going and so glad I did. So I encourage you too! Keep going ! Your doing great, tell your monkey mind to go take a run !! 😂👍

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