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Tips for the last two weeks?

Hi, new to this forum. Just finished Week 7. Amazed to get this far. Found the first two runs the toughest yet and wondered if I was going to keep going but half way through the third run I was surprised to find a really good stride without thinking about it. Still hard work though - any tips for the last two weeks gratefully received!

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Slow it down.

Then slow down a bit.

Then take it easy for the second half of the run.


Well done :) I think the tip is to find your 'sustainable pace' (someone came up with that phrase but I can't remember who, to give them credit). So slow down a little until you find your own pace, where you are comfortable, your breathing remains at a steady rate (even if you are noisy, you are not getting out of breath) and your heart is not racing. When you have that and as your stamina builds, you will find that you can run further distances.

Also a lot of this is psychological, trust in this programme - it works!

Trust in yourself you are consistently running for almost half an hour. WOW :)

You'll be fine!

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Just well done... and then.. slow down:)

Start slow and then as GingerBohemian says, slow down more.

Make sure you do your rest day exercise too.. stamina and strength are really needed now... so up the game a little.

But... if you just take it gently, relax and keep the feeling that is, wonderfully, your happy pace:) you will be just fine:)


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