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Feeling better

Last time I posted I was feeling so frustrated - Wk9R2, graduation in sight, and I went and pulled something and hurt my ankle, (doing too much too soon)!

I was so angry with myself, and was convinced (despite everyone telling me otherwise...) that I would have to go back to Wk1.

The other day I repeated a Wk4 run, just to see how it went. All was ok, so this morning I tried the mighty Wk5R3, as this had been such a turning point for me first time. You know what? It felt just as good second time round! I was so chuffed, and the ankle is fine.

Next week, I'll get back to my 30min runs, with, hopefully, a Parkrun at the end of the week. Lesson has been learned - if I need to walk part of it then I will!

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Slow and steady..make sure you are all healed.. the runs are always there:)


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