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Week6 Run2

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Wow what an epic struggle that was! I have really found this run difficult, maybe it’s because I foolishly convinced myself that after running for 20 mins last week I had it in the bag (rookie mistake) I really thought I would be able run without feeling like I’m going to die! I am worried about being able to run for 25 mins tomorrow. I don’t want to have to repeat the week. I was hoping that I would be finding things easier by now? I have been fighting a cold and tight chest this week but I have found running eased my symptoms.

I can’t get my head into running 25 mins three times a week, its seems huge!

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I completed W6R1 last night and found that difficult. I keep reading that it gets easier from this point as the walk breaks seems to hinder people at this point, stopping the rhythm, breathing etc. Hopefully you complete 25 mins as well as the 20 mins....and then you can tell me not to worry, in preperation for mine!!! :-)

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I will do Scott. I'm planning on running Saturday morning first thing. I will let you know how it goes!! will i make it!!

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Good Luck then, i have R2 Saturday morning, so im literally a run behind you!

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Hi Scott, I did it! 25mins in the bag! Great run. I was slow, started out with a gentle pace and just kept going. After half way I was starting to feel tired but I powered through, as I was getting to the end I was totally amazed how far I had run! I felt empowered. It's definitely a mental thing for me, the self doubt. As I run further, I have to venture out onto main roads, where I can be seen, buses passing by and loads of traffic. I did feel a bit wobbly and self-conscious but thought who cares! I'm a runner!

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Week 6 trips a few people up, me included. After running for 20 mins it seems a bit odd to go back to running and walking, but I struggled with runs 1 & 2 that led to doubts about run 3. It turned out to be the best run of the week!

Be confident, trust the programme and you will do it...

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Thank you Trevor, I think you are right, it plays with your mind a bit, going back to walking and running. Fingers crossed its the same for me, and tomorrows run will be ok .

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W6 is designed to push you. We all look at it and think it'll be easy - but if you think about it why would a 9 week programme include an easy week?

You have learned to dislike the disruption that the intervals bring, so hopefully the next run will be just the tonic!!

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