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Couch to 5K
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Still largely immobile

Joined on whim a month ago and then ‘forgot’ and just walk dog slowly and largely walk only for good purpose! Have not changed my mentality at all regarding walking let alone running for health purposes. Mean to get started on that now and all credit to those who are getting there. Will start reading posts daily now to get me going. Thanks.

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Just do it! You won't regret it and will be amazed at how quickly your fitness and stamina increase.

3 weeks ago I would have laughed if someone told me I would run and now 3 weeks in I'm running 3 mins continuously and after one more run will be moving on to week 4 and a 5 minute run!

You can do it!!!! 😀


You can do it. Give it a try. I've only been running for 3 weeks and enjoying the journey

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The hardest part is getting out the door but the exhilaration you get after posting you have just done your first run will be a hundred times better feeling & will keep you motivated to get to the end!! Keep posting your runs & reading everyones posts & you too will be helping people make the first move out the doir👍😊my best motto from here is slow and steady and sliwer still!! Im not a fast runner but im a second time around c25k so just think it must be a great program if im back again😂😂after a wee slip by the wayside! Ipen the door to the new Running you😊


Hi there, and welcome!

Don't beat yourself up about this, please, as there's nothing worse for motivation than negativity and guilt. By deciding to do the program, you've already taken a big step, and if you're dog walking, then you're certainly not immobile, and you'll be able to handle the early sessions I would have thought.

I started this a month and a half ago (ish?), I've just completed week 6, and I feel so much better for it, and never thought I would get past the first few weeks. Except I haven't got a dog, and have a desk job, and a long commute, so was getting next to no exercise. You're already ahead of where I was!

So please, give it a go. There is a huge amount of support and encouragement on this forum, and please remember, many of us have been there, and we understand. And what have you got to lose? :)

Take care, and please let us know how you get on!



So what drove the whim?

That it might be good for you?

That you feel you don't get enough exercise?

If you are happy with your current regime, then fine, but it is widely accepted that walking alone does not raise the heart rate enough to give you a good workout.

C25k will enable you to run for thirty minutes non stop. It will improve your cardiovascular efficiency. You will tone up and become firmer in the legs, bum and waist and you may even lose weight. All this may well reduce the statistical likelihood of a whole raft of conditions related to insufficient exercise.

If you fit with the majority, then you will also feel positive mental health benefits (over 96% reported this in a recent poll on this forum). Many people feel more confident and generally happier.

All this is a lot to claim for a very simple training plan, but browse around and you will find amazed runners of all ages, shapes, weights and starting levels of fitness, who cannot believe how much they have transformed their lives and wish they had done this years ago.

Go on, go on. You know you want to.

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Go on you're just teasing us aren't you? You know you want to start and this message is to get our interest piqued to see how you get on...😀

Why not just try the first run.. what's the worst can happen?

Looking forward to your first running post...


I started getting fitter and trying to lose weight by joining WW class. Then phase two was getting more exercise so I borrowed a dog, a pup 🙂 He could only take baby steps at first, but together our walks got gradually longer and longer. Weight was coming off steadily with the healthier eating and packing up boozing. Once I'd lost an appreciable amount I had a new spring in my step and was walking everywhere, having left the car at home and saving money by not taking the bus. I got chatting to a young woman at WW class and she got me going with the C25k podcasts. I have never looked back 🙂🏃‍♀️💪👍✔️

Just do it! It's no big deal. A bit like going for a walk but with some speeded up bits.


'Going for a walk with some speeded up bits'. I love that!!


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