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Tears of frustration

Well it's almost a week now since I pulled a muscle/tendon/something, just one run away from my graduation run, and though it's getting better, there's still a way to go.

I went out for a walk yesterday. Walking's fine. It's jogging/shuffling/anything that requires a 'flick' that I can't do.

I know it will get better. I know it will take time! I know that I'll be able to get back to where I was, but I'm afraid the tears are kicking in now, because the feet can't!

So the impossible question.... can anyone give me a clue as to how long this will take? Also, how far back will I have to go? - as I know for certain that I won't be able to go out there and run my final run straight off.

As someone said to me, 'In the great scheme of things, this is a blip', but at the moment it feels like a massive hurdle designed to put me back to square 1!

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I feel your frustration. I got a bad cold on week 8 of the plan and it set me back by 2 weeks. I started again on week 8 run 1 and after 2 weeks of not running I was able for it. You won't lose your fitness too quickly. So relax. Keep walking and when your ready to go again try week 8. Don't try and go at it again until your ready, just in case it gets any worse.

Keep your head up. Your so close to the finish line and you will get there.


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