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Week 7 run 3 A pain in the bum but I did it!

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Week 7 run3 finished! Having a visit from Nobby Stiles (Northern Rhyming slang for a pain in the bum) and running making it worse (sorry but it's a painful fact of life!) Still I don't want to find excuses- that's what I used to do. Got out there at 9.30 while Mr was still asleep. Tip: Put your sports bra on before you change your mind as it's a chuffer to take off again and once you've struggled into it you're committed to going out. The tow path was packed today and all the lycra clad speedsters were bounding along. I got into my shuffle and then my headphones died. What! No Mr Smooth. No Stranglers, No Pixies, No Mikey Dread to get me through. Oh well I thought, I have done this 25 minute run a few times now. I know when to turn round and I know which bridge I finish at. I gritted my teeth and plodded on overtaking at least one barge and an out of breath Yorkshire terrier. I have to say I have never been totally exhausted yet (I go too slow for that) but today I really puffed towards the end. Checking my Map my Run later I found I had had my fastest run ever. I couldn't believe it. It just shows that we are getting stronger and faster each time, even though it doesn't seem like it. All I need now is for Mr Stiles to sling his hook and Week 8 looks promising!

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Germaloids! Lol!

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I do the sports bra thing - once it's on, I'm committed. I'm glad you shared - all of it - we do need to all acknowledge these things sometimes! Great job on ditching the excuses and extra well done on running "naked".

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