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W6R3 a huge struggle 😫

So I attempted week 6 run 3 yesterday just before lunch, and after 12.5 minutes I just couldn't continue running - no matter how much I reminded myself I've already done a 20 minute run last week so this should be manageable. I walked for a bit and then attempted to run again but only managed another 2.5 mins 👎 I just felt totally drained and couldn't manage my breathing. I'm going to do my next run tomorrow, but don't know whether to go back to week 6 run 2 (which I managed but it was a slog) or just repeat run 3? Any advice please?

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Just have a good rest make sure you're hydrated warmed up and try w6r3 again, I bet you'll crack it! It's only 5mins which you may think a lot, but just try not to think about it, you're being built up to be able to handle it! Slow and steady!😊

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Don't worry, we all have those runs, just have at least a days rest then try it again.

If you start to struggle slow down a bit more. If you are however still feeling drained tomorrow it may be that you are coming down with something so drink plenty, rest up and try again when you feel better.

You will get there :0)

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Rest and re-group:) As davelinks says.. when you head out again you will doe it. Start slow, and keep it slow.. just try to relax and breathe normally...let the newly found running legs start to carry you and try to feel your happy pace taking over.

Slow and steady and just breathe gently as you go. Snail on a go slow, watching the world as it goes slowly by and enjoying every moment!


Maybe take an extra days rest before having another go. If you have them take a look at your stats in case you're starting out too quickly. That was only the reason I ever looked at mine, because I found that in the later stages of the programme I seemed naturally to be speedier when I started out. And of course like the dodgy battery in the Duracell ad, i ran out of puff.

Good luck with it next time out


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