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W6R3 done!


I have just finished week 6 . I didn't take a rest day as I'm not sure when I can next run. I had planned to run on Boxing Day but I have been talked into a Boxing Day sea swim and I don't think I would be up for a run afterwards. I feel ok and managed to keep going thanks to my running playlist, Goldfrapp today!

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Well done! I just did W6 R3 on Saturday and my first Park Run. Six weeks ago just running 60 seconds was so hard! The Park Run people were so friendly: only one person slower than me and she was walking the whole way because of injury.

A Boxing Day swim sounds SO much harder!

Bright-sparkGraduate in reply to alison4y

I don't know how I got talked into it! I must be mad. Park run sounds great but there isn't one nearby. You were still faster than everyone sitting on the couch! I'm not even trying to go fast , just concentrating on keeping going

alison4yGraduate in reply to Bright-spark

I think from what I’m reading on here that the trick is to run slowly. I noticed from my Fitbit that my heart rate spiked about half way round, probably when I felt the heat coming into my face, so I think that’s a nudge towards slowing done also!


Well done, but please be careful........don't get injured through ignorance.

When you run the impact creates microtears in your muscles, which repair and strengthen on your rest days, not while running. Without rest from impact there is no repair, no strengthening and therefore increased injury risk. The rest days are part of the plan and it is very unwise to ignore them, otherwise all your enthusiasm could end in an injury which might stop you from running for days, weeks or months.

What is the rush?

Is it worth the risk?

Have you read the guide to the plan? healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Take care.

Bright-sparkGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Hi , I knew I'd probably be told off for not resting! I take your point and thank you for your concern. It's not something I will repeat but I suppose I was trying to keep up the momentum as this week is going to be difficult to keep at it.

I'm looking forward to three rest days ( if you don't count my swim!)

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Bright-spark

Don't think of it as being told off, just an offering of advice based on experience, to another grown adult.


Brilliant well done, take care though the injury risk is real. Stick to the plan, you're doing so well + with a boxing day sea swim you're obviously made from tough stuff!!

Bright-sparkGraduate in reply to steviej99

I haven't done it yet, there's still time to wimp out!


My dilema too on Boxing Day, sea swim and/or run. I might tackle both. Anyway, it's Week7 Run1 today for me. 😀

Bright-sparkGraduate in reply to Bassman999

Hope it went well, let me know if you swim!

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