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W6R3 failed. :( Advice?


I just couldn't do it! I just about managed 20 minutes, and then my body just refused to go on, even though I was very slow (had to slow down twice). For some reason, I found W6R3 a much bigger challenge than W5R3. I feel very disheartened, as I was really looking forward to this, but the whole week was a struggle.

Should I repeat this run? Repeat the week? Or go to W7, seeing as it's the same run 3 times? Help!

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I did this run today and was super slow. Just faster than walking. From the start proper slow. But I finished without stopping. I’m no expert but maybe try it again but slower?


I struggled with this run. I was virtually running on the spot when I hit an uphill a few mins before the end. And I actually thought i was going to have to walk at half way. After speaking to people on here I slowed down even more on the next run. Went slower than I even thought possible. But it worked and I did it and I have just graduated. So carry on but keep it barely faster than a walk for now. One thing I have learned doing this is that it is always possible to go slower! Good luck 🙂


Might you have been tired or off colour at all this week? That can have an impact. These frustrating runs happen to everyone at times - the run version of a bad hair day??! 😀

Count today’s run as a practice- have a day or more of rest, make sure that you are well hydrated and repeat the run. Start super slow ( so maybe shortening your stride and consciously run “within yourself”) and then stay slow and gentle. Don’t be discouraged, you still ran far more than you could a couple of weeks ago, you still have built up your running legs and cardio fitness too. Good luck! We are waiting to cheer for you next time. 😃


Most people repeat a run at some point in the process, so you are in good company.

No need to go back to an earlier week. The run you need to crack is the one you just didn't quite complete.

We don't use the "F" word on this forum.

Well done on your practice run, it has prepared you for the next time.

You can do it.

Thank you all for the support and encouragement. I will try again!

And sorry about using the F-word. I remember reading that on another post but I genuinely thought they meant... well... the OTHER f-word. Sorry ! 🤭

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Don't have any advice. But please try again. You have done so well to get so far. It sounds more like a bad day, than a step too far.


Standard advice seems to be repeat the run but not the week, and incomplete runs are practice runs not failed runs so just keep practising! Sometimes an extra rest day helps so listen to your body in case it needs 48 hours instead of 24 to recover: it happens sometimes and it’s not something anybody else can tell you.

Don't repeat. W6 is a horror, best get it over with I say! Read some of the other W6 posts and you'll see what I mean. If there's a few names on here you follow look back their posts to that week. It's not always pretty and the sun doesn't always shine on everyone else.

You'll get there. This programme is designed to be challenging but do-able. Don't despair, you WILL get there.


Thank you everyone!

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