Week 2, Run 2 - running with finger in ear

Still at it, still exhausted. Legs fine, ears not.

Over this last couple of weeks I've discovered something about myself. Nothing spiritual... I've discovered I have odd ears.

My left earphone falls out constantly, the right almost never. The thing is I'm constantly aware of the imminent earphone fall. I can feel it slowly slipping, my hand hovering ready to poke it back in. Then running with finger in ear, as if I didn't look daft enough already. And my thick glasses, lubricated with sweat, rain (and tears?) slowly slide down my sodden nose with every slap of my clown-like feet. I'm forever pushing my glasses up my nose and fiddling with my ears as I pound along. It really is very distracting. Impossible to focus.

A single earphone and glasses free is the answer. The deformed free ear, all the better to hear oncoming vehicles and the wolf whistles. The semi blindness? Not so good. "Excuse me sir" As I no doubt bounce a telegraph pole.

Maybe a roll of sellotape could solve both problems in one round the head sticky go. Put a bow on it. A makeshift c25k fascinator. No doubt there are running gadgets / hi-tech knicker elastic available from specialist running shops that do this already. Must investigate.

Found an ICE (in case of emergency?) tag inside my jacket pocket. Where did that come from? Really necessary? 'If lost please return to...' more like?

Rambling, apologies. Bring on Run 3.


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11 Replies

  • Excellent blog once again. I'd fill that emergency tag in if I was you. You could put please return to C25K as we would hate you to get lost, well we'd miss your comical blogs. Looking forward to next instalment ;)

  • Lol

  • Gosh so its not just me with the deformed left ear issue with earphones, driving me nuts, but happens mostly when its raining. Go figure than one!

  • I bought earpieces especially for sport which kind of clip around my ears. It works! As for the glasses: I just run without them on and hope that I don't fall down any holes :)

    At least it's all making you forget about all the other stuff..legs, breathing etc!!

    Good luck with run 3.

  • Oh, been there and got the ticket. Trying contact lenses again because of the steaming up / glasses down the nose issue! Husband keen that I can see where I'm going since running along a canal path...but I suppose if I went in it might inspire me to do ironman in the future (lol)!

  • ha ha, thought it was just me with the earphone thing....I run with one in, might look odd but it works for me.

  • I had the same problem - also with the left ear. I see a trend here. I got some runners headphones as recommended by Mirella. They probably look a bit odd but they defo stay in place.


  • Brilliant, and only £3. Just bought some. Thanks!

  • Great post, ive started running with one ear piece in,its strange hearing your breathing! but definately could not run without my glasses.

  • I have the same problem but with the right ear!!! I've invested in some Phillips sports earphones which have a band which goes around the back of your neck and holds the earphones in place. They don't move and they are waterproof and washable. All in all a very good buy!

  • Ha ha! Fabulously funny :) I too have a deformed left ear, I wonder what we should call this deformity? I have a vision of you now and I do apologise but it's funny, It's also nice to know I'm not alone in the whole looking a bit odd whilst running thing...Thanks! ;)

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