W5R1: Nailed it :D

W5R1: Nailed it :D

Hello again lovely runnerbeans,

I have just completed the first week 5 run, and it felt really really good, I'm so happy. It felt perfectly natural to be running for that length of time, and I felt that the 3 minute breaks were more than enough for me.

There was something of a mental barrier to get through, as I've felt that Week 5 is quite a milestone and is the start of the serious work, but with the encouragement of everyone (mentioning no names Sadie-runs !) I felt in control. I set off, didn't exhaust myself in the first minute, paced myself, and it was fine! I think my pace naturally went up too as even though I was running for a minute less than last time, I got further before the half-way bell sounded.

Anyone in the early weeks who is thinking how the heck can I make it to week 3,4,5,9 or whatever week it is, you totally can because the programme actually works.

It didn't rain either, though I did feel like I was playing hopscotch for a while (see photo).

Roll on Runs 2 and 3 :)

P.S. I actually nearly did die, from the shock of making it to week 5 :P

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  • Runnerbeans. πŸ˜‚

    I knew you'd do it. Not only that, I knew you'd love it! Slow and steady, well done buddy! I am so very pleased with you. πŸ˜€

    Your route looks nice, too (if not a bit muddy!) Keep digging deep and that mental challenge will be a cinch. It's all about the mindset - and your mind is set.

    Now, bask in the glow of your runningness! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜

  • Lol. Runningness. Is that even a word??? I guess it is now :-) Thanks for the encouragement as always. You're a star! When are you on to week 6?

  • Yup, it is now. πŸ˜€

    Well, supposedly tomorrow - but this cold I had coming on is a doozy (I feel ROTTEN today) plus my dad is visiting tomorrow. So, I think I might make W6R1 on Sunday. In the rain.

    I am not opposed to a 2-day rest now and then, makes no diff to me. My legs will be itching to go though. πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • Hey Sadie, get well soon, running whilst ill and not doing as well as you liked because you felt crap would seriously suck :-( I have to do 2-day gaps because of work, it's ok, really. Get well soon x

  • Thanks Neil. x

  • Nice one!

    Great to see your route as well. Lots to look at to keep your mind occupied.

    Looking forward to hearing about runs 2 and 3!

  • It's actually lovely along the canal, and the towpath does get better. That was a rather muddy bit :-)

  • Brilliantly done, I missed your earlier I am on the way post, but by the time I got to it you'd already been out....

    Congrats on getting through another one - you're doing fantastically well.

  • Thanks Jan, we'll see at the end of this week, I guess :-)

  • No seeing - it will be done and you will do it. I have faith in your legs... that sounds slightly suspect but you know what I mean....

  • *tries not to laugh* *fails* :P Thanks Jan :)

  • It was always in you to do this run!! Well done and here's to playing hopscotch with puddles although I now run through them and not over them!! 😊😊

  • Thanks Kim, I guess it was :-) have to say, I'm getting used to the puddles now. Hopscotch does rather disrupt one's stride though!

  • Well done Neil😊...

    You did it and you loved it... role on R2.😊x

    ( that's why we don't call this week a m******** week, there is nothing to fear, and no need to put up mental barriers)

  • Thanks Jan, I never would have thought I would actually *enjoy* running, but today just felt fantastic!

  • Don’t play hopscotch!! Just go through them!!

  • Funny you should say that... I was sorely tempted, but didn't really want soggy feet for the next 25 minutes!! Maybe next time :P

  • Yeah but they dry!! Maybe just Splosh in the homeward straight then 😜

  • For sure!!! I intend to treat myself to new trainers this weekend, maybe I can give the old ones a good send off :P

  • Think you def should!! You should see the state of my legs when I’ve been through a few muddy puddles!! All washes off in the 🚿 🀣

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