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Wk7 R2 - felt amazing!

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Did this run yesterday and was astounded how much easier it was than the first one, maybe I took it a bit easier as my heart rate was in the red for ALL of the running part on Run 1 this week. Mapped how far I had run on Strava afterwards, looks like the run part was approximately 3.2km. With the warm up walk as well (but not the cooldown) the total distance was approximately 4.2km, so no too far off a 5 k distance really. Feeling very positive after struggling so much to do the end of Week 6 less than a week ago!

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Thats fantastic, well done :)

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Slow and steady and carry on :)

You are doing just fine... forget the 5K..just get to the 30 minute runs injury free and enjoying!

Nicely done , you have the graduation place in your sights

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