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Week 4 run 1 complete

This morning I did the first run for week 4. It was a bit of a challenge just leaving the house. My Bluetooth headphones decided not to work so I had to go old school and find wired ear-buds. By this time I was wondering whether to run at all as I could run the risk of being late for work. I decided to go and I'm glad I did. So Ok it wasn't the fastest recorded time and just for the added challenge I threw in a few uphill bits but I did it. The voice-over telling you you're half way through and just 1 minute left to go really helped.

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I faffed this morning and the run was totally faffed too, but a run is still a run no matter the faffing. Well done you on getting it done


I go old school every run... all i own are wired earbuds!!! :/

Great job completing run 1 of week 4!!


Fast is not good.. slow is just fine.. well done you! Hills too... wow..just keep it slow and steady :)


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