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W2R2 - hardest one yet

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jeez that was a tough one. The downfall to doing this on a beautiful Highland moor is the wind!! blew me off track twice and wasn't the helpful wind on my back that pushes me nicely along it was awful gusty side wind. Oh well its done now and instead of happy and glowing I feel a bit beat up and cold. The couch and wood burner is calling....but only until Wednesday πŸ˜‚

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Well done you... ! Couch and wood burner... Autumn beckons!

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zobles in reply to Oldfloss

it sure does...and soon will be winter, there was frost on my car this morning!

You were just mentioned on the weather forecast (not you personally 'Woman Runner Blown off Course Horror') but the North of Scotland - gusts of 60 to 70 mph coming your way.... Stoke up the wood burner :)

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zobles in reply to helenwheels

haha very glad that didn't make the news. Time to batten down the hatches and hope it passes before my next run!

Sounds very cosy, we'll done on facing the wind!!!

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Sounds wonderful, the couch and wood burner I mean

The run not so much fun but well done for seeing it through, determination like that will carry you through this

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zobles in reply to rolysmate

Thankyou...i.dont know where the determination has come from! the fact I've been out 6 times doing this is an achievement in it self for me, i never got to the gym 6 times in a row!

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rolysmateGraduate in reply to zobles

sounds like you may just be getting the bug!

Ha, by Wednesday you will itching to get out there again...πŸ˜†

Good luck with W2 R3...

Well done for battling the winds. I ran in the wind on Sat and it was foul no fun at all.

You have done really well to achieve that run with all that buffeting. You've definitely earned your place on the sofa. πŸ€“

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