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W8R3 yahoo and first time on a treadmill

Just dropped youngest child off at university 😢+😁. Bit gloomy out so I've taken to the hotel gym treadmill for my final run of week 8. I just can't get over how amazing this programme is. 8 weeks ago I was definitely a couch potato and tonight I ran for 28 minutes!

Definitely a different experience running inside but I quite liked it for a change.

So I've three more runs to do. Go meeeeeeeee!

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WTG Liz... outstanding... in a hotel and using the gym.. I would have been straight on the mini bar!!

Good to see your so motivated and so near reaching the ultimate goal.

Wishing you lots of luck for the coming week, let us all know when you do your final run 🏃👍🏃

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Haha!! I'm away next weekend and REALLY wanted to finish the prog before we went. Don't think I'll quite manage it but needed to get one in tonight!


Sound like a good plan and you have found out you like the treadmill...put one down on your Christmas list... Santa will be out shopping soon !!


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