W8R3 - My first 5K

W8R3 - My first 5K

As per the title, I ran my first 5K this morning. :)

I set out during a break in the weather (the forecast is pretty foul here all day) but it was still quite gusty.

My intention was to start out steady and if I felt comfortable then to push on and try to set a representative 5K time.

Things worked out OK and I really did push during the last 2K to the extent that the final 250m seemed to last forever. It's quite odd but even tough I was completely spent and wheezing away during my cool down walk, I started sweating profusely after I reached home - what's that all about?

There was a really awkward moment with about 1Km to go when a lady in her car stopped and shouted "Excuse me" to me as I approached. I guess she was looking for directions but there was no chance whatsoever that I was going to oblige and I just about managed to splutter out "Sorry" as I plodded on straight past.

No heroics from here to graduation, if everything goes to plan, all of my remaining runs will be slow jogs although I am considering adding some gradient on run 2 which should be on Sunday.

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  • Brilliant and now you've a timed 5k to work with. I reckon once you've got the first 5k under your belt it gets easier!! Yes and I never stop to give directions either, just don't make eye contact!!! X

  • Thanks sparky.

    The eye contact tip makes sense. I did make eye contact today and there was a distinct 'woman scorned' glare as she realised that I wasn't stopping.

  • Bloody blimey, that's a good time! Well done!

  • Thanks AllieG.

    It was a good bit faster than I expected but I had nothing left in the tank at the end.

  • Really well done you did a better time than me, but i suppose we should just be proud of the fact that we were out in the great British weather!! ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Indeed. If I had left half an hour earlier, or fifteen minutes later I would have been both drenched and blown every which way.

  • Yeah! Go, Dunder, that's fabulous! I never, ever ask runners to stop - geese, what was that lady on? 407 calories spent - that's probably what the sweat was about. Your body saw the front door, thought "fridge!" and your core temperature shot up on the spot :D

  • geese? Thanks, autocorrect. Geesh.

  • Thanks mfam.

    I m not even a teeny bit jealous of your sub-30 performance, honest. grrrrrr.

    I am normally a one banana type of guy bit I did indulge today - two bananas!

  • Two bananas? Daring, Dunder. Heaps of potassium and magnesium there, you'll be doing us 5k in 15 minutes tomorrow! As for sub-thirty, not there yet, but thirty feels good. Maybe I should go and buy myself some bananas.

  • Brilliant time Dunder! You'll soon be graduating and starting to plan your new running adventures

  • Thanks Ully.

    Plans are already very much on the drawing board.

  • Well done, Dunder - not long to go now.

  • Indeed AHS. I had a couple of weeks on the IC early in the program but despite that, it has flown by.

  • Well done for that!!!

  • Thanks Paola.

    Still stiff from Sunday's exertions?

  • Not too bad, thanks you Dunder! I had a huge blister that made me run in a funny way, so only the one leg is still stiffish - going for an easy 5 k in a short while ;) - I may look like Long John Silver though!

  • Why do people think it's acceptable to stop runners? I'm too nice to say bugger off I'm timing myself (was brought up to be a total people-pleaser and also total wimp), so I just get cross and chunter for the rest of the run! Fortunately it doesn't happen very often to me ...

  • Any chuntering today was done by the lady in the car UIOLI. At that stage getting oxygen in my lungs was my only real concern.

  • Well done Dunder. That's a fab pace there. You'll be flying come your graduation run!

    Completely understandable about ignoring the woman in the car. Happened to me once - except they were a couple of guys standing on the road and so they saw me coming towards them puffing and panting and as I passed they started to ask for directions, but I didn't break my stride and on the way past just said " sorry, can't stop". I did feel bad about it afterwards but they obviously weren't runners not was your lady in the car!

  • Thanks IP but slow runs are on the menu from here until graduation.

  • Very sensible.

  • Well done Dunder !

    Yes I just don't make eye contact with anyone when Im running , felt a bit mean at first but hey ho .

    No one stops Mo Farrah to ask him for directions when he's running home for his Quorn do they ? :-) xxx

  • Thanks pugs. I think I would stop, probably several times, if Quorn mince was all that was on the menu at home.

  • Hmmm yes, I think you might have a point there :-) xxx

  • Wow, well done!

    What a silly and inconsiderate woman though, trying to stop a runner for directions! I wouldnt have stopped either tbh! ;)

  • Thanks Op15.

    The truth is that even I had stopped, all I could have offered were pointing motions. Spluttering "Sorry" was the limit of oratory abilities at that point. It would have been ages before I would have been able to utter "Turn left at the Post Office".

  • Thats a great pace dunder! :) Especially in this gusty weather! :)

    3 more runs........................................ :)

  • Thanks ali.

    Three indeed. Hard to believe.

  • Great pace, well done. Not long now...... :)

  • Thanks AM. I'll dig out the bunting early next week.

    Happy hobbles until you get better.

  • rock n roll dunder :D that's a really good time for your 1st :D well done

  • Thanks Rob.

    Was at the physio yesterday for my final sesh. Properly taped up one last time. I am supposed to try and start running without the taping from the weekend onwards. I think it is going to feel strange and will take a lot of focus to run 'properly' without it.

    How's your rehab coming along?

  • don't see my physio for another 2 weeks , which should be final time, fingers crossed, rehab is going slowly Dunder , good days then a few not so good ones.

  • Bummer but progress is progress, I suppose.

  • it is , have had days when I think I wont run again, hopefully still heading in the right direction

  • Great time! Making me feel pretty inadequate as I only managed 32.5 minutes for 5Km today and I'm on week 10 (well graduated again last week so I guess it's week 10)

  • Thanks Ralph.

    When all is said and done some graduates are ten minutes faster then me and there are some who are ten minutes slower and it just doesn't matter.

    In my mind, the only important comparisons are me relative to myself over time.

  • Exactly.

    Although I can't lie: seeing everyone else doing so well spurs me on to push the pace a little!

  • Well done Dunder - super impressive time! Can't imagine ever being that quick!

    Take it steady mind.. make sure you don't overdo it before the big graduation :) xx

  • Thanks pinky and yes, slow steady runs from here until graduation.

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