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So, I'll admit to having been avoiding this forum for the last month or so - I'd managed to get to Week 8, things were ok, my side pain (chronic issue, not related to the running but exacerbated by it, depending on whether it's a bad pain day or not) was holding up reasonably well, when I had a sudden relapse and was pretty much unable to move for a week. Always good fun. After that, I seemed to always find excuses as to why I didn't want to push my side to try again - there was always something coming up that I couldn't afford to miss if my side gave out again, so I just kept putting it off - and coming on here just reminded me that I viewed the fact I'd come so close to then not finish as a failure. Which is frustrating, especially as it's not something I can control, but hey. There we go.

But because of that, I've found reading all the posts about people graduating, and even just progressing through the programme hard to read, so I've just been ignoring this forum. Always a bad idea as this place had been vital in keeping me running last time, but there we go. However, I've missed running, and I've decided I'm going to try and go for a run tomorrow as (Fingers crossed) my side's been ok the last couple of days. I also want to try leaving a longer rest period between my runs as I'm not sure that's helping my side either (baby steps), so was going to go for twice a week running and see how my side holds up with that, before possibly going back to running three times a week.

Now, my question is; do I restart again completely, or just go back to an earlier point that's not quite at the beginning? It's been about 6-8 weeks since I last ran at this point, and before I was forced to stop I'd been quite comfortable running the longer distances, but I'm not sure whether I've just lost all that stamina etc I'd gained through the programme (quite likely given I've been unable to move for large chunks of the summer -_-). Also, part of me feels like starting again might be a good way to draw a line under my first attempt and try again? I don't know. Would love to hear the advice of some more experienced runners :)

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  • Now then....I am only just a graduate yesterday and am still basking in the limelight & lovliness of my family on here so I am no expert but I would say that, if I were you, I would start again....disappointment is crap...& if you start where you finished off & it doesn’t go how you thought, you’d be back to square one & we won’t hear from you again, for a few weeks, but you’d be why delay it? Start at the very beginning, a very good place to, my Julie Andrews head came on then....I know you got to week 8 so you might think week 1 is easy? See how you go...but I wouldn’t go straight to week 8 for fear of expectation....that’s just my opinion though....and I’m only just a graduate x

  • I definitely wasn't thinking of diving straight into Week 8 (That seems far too daunting!), but did wonder whether going back to, say, week 3 or 4 might be a good idea so I wasn't starting completely again. But I also like the idea of a fresh start, as you said, so have loaded both week 1 and a later week on my MP3 for tomorrow - we'll see how I feel tomorrow, but starting again is probably the most sensible thing to do I guess...? Hmmm... Thank you though, and congratulations on your graduation! :D

  • See how strong you feel...& thankyou...graduating is amazing x good luck, I’ll be looking out for your posts x

  • I'm not an experienced runner, this is my first time through C25k. But if it was me and I had got to Week 8 then had a reasonable lay off, I would want to have confidence that my next runs were going to be successful, so I would probably go back to Week 3 or so (as this was the last week I found "easy"), before moving on... if you feel OK you can push yourself a little on the intervals, and if you find it harder just take it steady... good luck (I am just about to start Week 7 - gulp!!)

  • Thanks, I think I might do that :) And you'll be fine - good luck with Week 7 (though I'm sure you won't need it) ^-^

  • I definitely will, you should should see the amount of "red" on my heart rate chart for my first 25 minute run.... it's ALL red!! I thought my chest was going to explode, now I know how john Hurt felt in the first Alien film!! ;-)

  • Hey Adler, first off welcome back and glad you're now able to consider running again. If you've not been able to move during the summer, then I'd suggest not necessarily getting fixated on one particular week. Why not go out do the 5 minute warm up walk and then try a slow run and see where you run out of steam, then if it is 3 minutes, you'll know somewhere around week 3 should be doable.

    I think your biggest challenge is to clearly understand exactly what fitness you have dropped, it may be a bit disheartening to start at W1 R1 and also may not be necessary.

    Try a practice run, without any major objective in mind, just to calibrate your mind and body, then you have a solid start point, without having had the fear of failure if you attempt say W4 and find you need to have started at W2.

    Hope this is constructive and helps you - certainly the extra resting you propose sounds really sensible and as you know the 9 weeks don't have to be calendar.

    Good luck on your return to running, lovely to see you back.

  • Oooh, that might be a better idea... I could run with my normal music instead of the podcast and just see how I get on... Hmmm.. Thank you :) I might give that a go instead ^-^

  • It's no pressure then... that was all I thought that you might like just to do a practice run....good luck with it.

  • I agree with jancanrun. If there is no pressure at this time for you to succeed and you just run with your music as a practice run I think you'll surprise yourself and not worry about your side pain as your just enjoying your run and getting out there so things will become easier to manage.😀😀

    Good luck and welcome back!😀😀

  • Welcome back Adler sorry you've had such a bad time l'm with jancanrun and certainly wouldn't go back to the beginning. To be honest since l graduated l haven't run very much but did my first park run yesterday it was run, walk, run walk not up to the 30 mins but l got to the end in 45 mins and was happy with that, maybe that might be an idea. Good luck you inspired me to keep going and l know you can do it :)

  • I would say start again, there is no harm in that and it will be better not to risk eccacerbating your condition... and good to see you have come back, that was grave, well done 😎

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