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Ran yesterday and again today to finish up this weeks run. Was a bit of a struggle near the end but glad to have found my second wind.

So one more week left until I graduate. :)

I was thinking I will run 4 more weeks with the app on week 9 and use the different motivators. Then I will move onto 10k, then to half marathon. Always wanted to run a marathon. So I think that will be my end goal.

i also promised myself not to spend anymore money this term on running stuff but ended up buying a new running top and jacket. Can't wait untill teacher training ends and I can start getting paid. New running shoes :)

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Hang on.. You ran on consecutive days?

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Troyski74Graduate in reply to mrrun

Yes ran yesterday and today. So I could start my last week on Monday. Shant being doing that again.

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mrrunGraduate in reply to Troyski74

Please don't. I did that. Long run on Friday, another one, that time laborious run on Saturday. Watermelon size knee on Sunday, physio on Monday. Three months off running supported by MasterCard. Physios ain't cheap.

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Polly2810Graduate in reply to Troyski74

You must take your rest days! It doesn’t matter if you don’t start new week in a Monday...just 3 times in the week. You don’t want to injure yourself this close to graduation 😲😲

Ooh you could do yourself a mischief by running consecutively...

Seriously although you're so close, take the days rest and in fact at this stage a few of us found taking an extra day of rest really helped as the cumulative mileage and time is ramping up now.

It's brilliant that you have some longer term goals and know what you want to do, but stress injuries can occur through being enthusiastic. I sound preachy and don't mean to, just want you to get through the plan happy and healthy.

In any event you're very close to the podium now, good luck in W9.

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Troyski74Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Will take advice legs are starting to moan at me right now.

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Jancanrun in reply to Troyski74

Oh well take an extra rest day just in case....

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My only 'consecutive' that was 'positive' was my consecutive visits to the muscle'n'bone doc. She absolutely loved my consecutive visits. And, yes, l ran without rest day.

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