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Faffed about this morning W4r1

Woke up, felt grotty with a cold, raining outside...but it's the start of week 4, and I'm determined to get out. Gave myself a good talking to, got ready and out of the door and got on with warm up walk.

Just as about to set off running, music stops, no lovely Sarah to keep me going. Have to stop and try to sort it out. several minutes of faffing later have to accept headphones are broken. Faced with decision of carrying on without the sound (tricky) or going home to get other headphones, I go home.

Resist temptation to go back to bed, find other headphones, but they don't work either. Phone issue...how does this get sorted? Tried and testing method of 'googling it' to find a solution leads to advice of turn it off and on again. Duh. But it works.

By now it's an hour later, raining harder, more people about, but I am made of sterner stuff, so make myself get going.

Sarah M is right, week 4 is tougher, but I managed 5 mins of solid running - me, who three weeks ago could hardly manage 1. I had all of you lovely folk keeping me going when I would have liked to give up, so thank you.

I'm in danger of becoming addicted!

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Wow well done, I'm on wk 4 next and It looks rather daunting, I agree with you it does get addictive, I did wk 3 run 2 yesterday morning and by the afternoon I wanted to go again, I really struggled with not doing it, I really want to succeed with the program so really must behave and follow it 😂

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Well done for self-control!

I found week 4 fine, just kept it slow and steady, the last 5 mins pushed me harder than I'd had to before, but the grin at the end made up for it 😀

Enjoy (and enjoy your rest days)


There are loads of us who suffer from the complaint called faff. I can't remember who is the queen of faffage now, but it happens to most of us at one time or another. But well done on ignoring the faff and getting on with it. Nicely done.

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Thanks Jancanrun for reassurance there are lots of us out there 😄 I will accept that faff is part of the experience and learn to embrace it!


Well done..!! I bet you're feeling great now 😊In that situation I fear I may have just gone back to bed 🙈

I did W4R1 on Thursday. It was the choice between W3R3 repeated or move on to W4. There were too many supporters here and I was 'urged' to 'surge'..!! It had been daunting, and it was tough, but felt AMAZING when I'd finished. Hips and knees having 2 rest days (phew), so R2 tomorrow. I can't wait..!!


Well done you too!! Can identify with both amazing feeling and hips and knees needing a rest. Hope tomorrow run goes well, I'm right behind you! (Both in support and progress)


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