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Well I started my third run rather late in the day and enjoyed watching the sun set across the fields. However it turned pitch dark very fast - the street lamps did not come on. There must have been a power failure or some damage. I could not see where I was going so I missed the 8th minute because I was afraid of falling over. Will have to redo the run on Wednesday when I can actually see what I am running towards and where I'm putting my feet.

I'm also thinking I need to get some visibility and lighting kit in case this happens again. Maybe a head lamp and fluorescent wrist bands or something? What do you recommend?

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I have a cycling high vis vest, it's lightweight and doesn't cause me to get overheated whilst running. It even has a little led light built in the back that flashes. Pretty sure I got it from wiggle. I have not ever tried a headlight just changed my route to something more even underfoot and well lit.

I wish they did those trainers that kids have with the little lights in the sole in my size lol :)

TheClawGraduate in reply to J9_54

It's a great idea to have a light in the back! Must find something like that :)


It's happened to me, and when darkness falls it falls! 😃 I was in the country park

There are loads of threads here about head torches. Mine is an LED Lenser. I know some folks have Petzl. Reflective run gear is essential. I have a flashing clip on each of my shoes. You can get flashing arm bands for a few quid from Aldi.

You want to be lit up like a downtown Christmas tree🎄

TheClawGraduate in reply to misswobble

I went on a shopping spree :) got a reflective vest, two flashing lights I can clip on, and a head lamp. It will be like going on an expedition!


It is! It's fun! You run slowly as you need to have your eyes everywhere and Be all-ears too, so you stay safe

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