Couch to 5K

Nailed W1 R3!

What a difference from my last attempt and my first run. My unco-ordinated body was more relaxed, less horrified and bewildered and like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!????"

I did every interval and I managed to recover enough during every walk. I even managed to "run" slower and more relaxed. It was raining and I swallowed a beastie :( ...But I did it!

I was really tired when I go home though and didn't really feel much more awake later but I was very agitated when i went to bed.....not sure why - probably the blimmin shock of this run being noticeably easier than all the others.

I was very anxious about this run but I just told myself that there's no way of predicting how a run will go so all you can do is go for it and see how it pans out.

I have such a crazy backstory and I just cannot believe that I'm doing this. Half the fun is that on it's own - the sheer unlikelihood of it all. I keep saying it's a miracle, but this isn't something that just happened to me. I did this! :)

And each and every one of us did it too. We are all, in our own ways, warriors and I hope we all genuinely enjoy the sense of accomplishment and pride we feel - we deserve it.


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Yippee!!!! Yes it is truly amazing - but keep following it and it works!! I've got R2Wk5 tomorrow - I am always surprised how much progress I am making and those further along than me say the same too - so we all encourage each other.

Some people I know are a bit shocked by what i am doing - my enthusiasm for it is alien to them - but "you don't know man, you weren't there!"

Keep going BOING!! x


I love your "BOING'"s. :D Well done for getting the run done and dusted - sounds like your body and mind are now well into the swing of things. As for the beastie, just see it as extra protein for the next run!


Well done! Not such a hopeless cause eh?


Hahaha! Maybe not Ully..... :) Maybe not.


You're very brave, and obviously starting to do really well now. Keep it up! Boing back at ya!


Wow, congratulations! You're absolutely right - it is a bit of miracle, but it is a miracle that you have caused! There is every reason to feel proud!!


Really well done for trying again and getting it done! Fab. Your post made me smile as you sound so happy. And you are so right - you did this!


Well done x


Your absolutely right you have now idea how a run is going to go until your out there!! Well done!!! You did it!!! Week 1 is offically done, now its week 2. The good news is I found this easier than week 1. As your body is like of this running thing again - OK then lets give it another go.


Well done, I'm one run behind you so I'll follow your lead if I may....

We can Boing together....I need all the help I can get hahaha....


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