Mrs Spaniels is a Cow 

So there I am, minding my own business at 6.45am, jogging the first lap around the local rec. trying to get my gremlins off my back and ease into my run. Mr and Mrs Spaniels are on the horizon and being a polite kind of person I always say an awkward ‘hello’ to everyone I meet (when I’d rather be as far away as possible). Mr Spaniels said ‘hello’ as he has done the last 4 times previously and he is always in front.

Usually Mrs Spaniels ignores me when I say hello, except today she looked me up and down, rolled her eyes and said ‘oh for God’s sake’ as she barged past. Now, she could have just remembered she’d forgotten to turn the iron off, or maybe her knicker elastic pinged apart just at that moment, or she finally twigged that 42 is the meaning of life, but I think perhaps she might be trying to tell me something….

So I shot off at an overly fast pace for the next 2 laps, which cocked everything up and made me want to go home. But I didn’t. I spent the rest of the time telling myself I hadn’t just spent the last few months getting this far for someone else to make me give up even one run.

I realise I am rather a delicate flower. I guess at 45 that’s not going to change much now. But maybe. Normally something like that would send me running for the hills, but I’ve decided I’m not going to stop. I like the rec, it’s flat, it’s quiet, it’s pollution free and better than being on the streets for now. It's my little haven on from my garden. But they are there everyday and I can’t run any later. I’m not going to avoid them, I just won’t say hello anymore. If I can do that (not avoid them and stand my ground), it will be a major step for me. I realise that some of you will be thinking whaaaaaat? It’s just some random woman. I can understand that too.

What I can’t fathom is what time I would actually have to get up to have an undisturbed run and why can’t people just mind their own business and keep to themselves?!!

P.S. I am a relatively sane person in normal life (I can understand that may be hard to believe), it's just exercise exposure that gets me like this. Probably why I haven't done much until now! Oh well, I am getting there....little by little...


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133 Replies

  • Sounds like Mrs S is jealous. Listen to your music and pay no attention! Good for you for not giving up.

  • If you saw me there is nothing to be jealous of! Quite right though thanks.

  • Yes there is.. you are running:)

  • Bet she couldnt do W1R1!

  • She certainly is😐...

    Please don't let her selfish, ignorant attitude stop you from enjoying your running. I really despair at how rude and thoughtless some people can be. Turn your anger into energy, headphones in and don't even glance at her in future she doesn't deserve your attention. There I'm as cross as you were....

    Keep on running😊xxx

  • Ah thanks Jan! There's no need for it is there?! I won't let it stop me though I've come so far, shall keep on plodding on! :) x

  • I'm guessing knicker elastic pinged uncomfortably... you could do the sarcastic charm offensive 'how nice to see you again' ... alternatively my runner death ray look works wonders.

    Finally, just run for you and you alone

  • My mum has a laser death stare, I'm sure it's in the genes, I shall have to get practising pronto! :)

  • Some folk are just plain rude and Mrs Spaniels is quite clearly jealous of you! Keep running when you want to reminds me of a running quote I often see:

    "I love the person I've become because I fought to become her. I am a runner." 😀🏃🏽‍♀️

  • Oh my god I love that quote, Sandraj39! And Fishy - don't let anyone spoil your mojo! Wear her down with cheery hellos every time you see her (and if that doesn't work flick sweat from your brow at her 💦). 😘

  • Good thinking! The sweat on my brow would be like a tidal wave! :)

  • The top could "accidentally" come off your water bottle - oops

  • I really love that quote too... thank you for that! I shall take it with me on my next run. Another one to get printed on a t-shirt! :) x

  • Oh well said I take great hope from your post as I try to get out early to avoid people as my first attempt had me giving up as soon as I saw someone on my path and that's why it's taken me several months to get here! Love the honesty here!

  • I did wonder about posting because I thought everyone would think I was bonkers. But I am sure there are a whole host of people out there not running for this very kind of reason so I thought sod it, why not :) We aren't alone after all then!

  • You are not alone and as you see most people are angry with Mrs Spaniels (poor polite Mr Spaniels btw). Luckily anyone I know that I have met have smiled and said something encouraging when I saw them after.

  • Same with me, just recently found this site and just starting to do the first runs, if I see another runner coming in the opposite direction I'll keep on running until that person has passed, does not look good stopping or slowing down to walking pace. Remember starting early now will be running in the dark, the sun doesn't rise until after 7 am now.

  • I know, I might have to do a road circuit first until it's lighter :(

  • Ah Fishypieface, I've not been here long but I have read your posts with tears and laughter.

    I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't swear (and I'm not going to..... really), but I think you are f***ing amazing..!! I just want to give you a massive hug, slap you on the back (gently, of course) and shout "YOU GO GIRL".....!!!!!

    As for Mrs Spaniels (cow).... she needs a firm slap on the..... 😱

    Head up (fingers up 😂) you are incredible...!!!

  • Thanks so much that's so lovely to hear....., we are all bl**dy amazing (I love a good swear, keeps me relatively sane! I think.....) trying to do this, staggering on, keeping going..... Why are people so vile? Fingers up indeed! Love it!

  • punch her in the face. It's not big, it's not clever and it's not really legal but immensely satisfying and you can run off before she can call the police.

  • 😂😂 My thoughts entirely (but I was trying to be polite) 😂😂

  • unless she is peeing in the boat lake?

  • Mmm, seems a bit aggressive?!

  • Gets my vote too!

  • I love it..but I think just the tongue licked out should suffice....:) xxx

  • 😄classic wrong but so right 😂xx

  • I love it too! Made me laugh out loud, which I needed, so thanks for cheering me up. I might have to get my speed up before I try.... an incentive though, so win-win :)

  • I admit I often imagine what I might be able to get away with once I've got my speed up enough to make a hasty escape...

  • Mrs Spaniels is indeed a cow. Next run you will be a little sleeker, a little fitter, a little faster, a bit more confident, and a little more proud of yourself. Mrs Spaniels will still be a cow.

    I feel sorry that after all of your bravery you have had this experience. You do know by the way that we are all running alongside you. Maybe she was hacked off that we were taking up the path... Do not let this kind of ignorance deter you. Either give her an extra big smile next time or just ignore her as being beneath contempt.


  • Thanks so much for that. Yes, you were all there with me today, when I needed you all. I thought about all the lovely people on here and it got me through. Wouldn't that be great? Our own C25k park run, even I'd come out of my shell for that :)

  • Shows just how rude Mrs Spaniels is as when I walk my dogs and a jogger/runner is coming towards us I always move the dogs out of the way so they don't trip the person over. Mrs Spaniels is not just a cow, but a miserable, rude cow!

  • I always try to jog out of anyone's way and make an effort to be considerate. She was on the grass then came onto the path with me, very odd! strange folk! :)

  • Perfect answer 😊

  • You are right, Mrs Spaniels is a Cow, ignore her, carry on running at your normal times. Next time you see Mr Spaniels give him a very warm "Hi there, how are you today... " followed. by a wink. Look at Mrs Spaniels, roll your your eyes and jog on... by don't forget to look back at him ... they will stop coming to the rec ... 😉😘

  • Haha! You are so wicked and I love it! I haven't got the balls for that, but I will think of this next time and it will make me laugh, thanks x

  • THAT'S the one - what Cobblers says. If you can't do all of it straight off then start with the polite greeting to him and just ignore her. Or maybe give HER the saucy wink and see what she makes of THAT ...

    And when you finally get round to writing a novel (there's one in all of us, so they say), you have your title there already: Mrs Spaniels is a Cow.

    You go, girl! X

  • Haha! Great stuff, thanks so much! I love that as a book title, I am trying to write a kids book so maybe not for that! :) I'll save it for my c25k memoirs! Love your username by the way!! :)

  • Thank you. All my close friends call me Nob or Nobby, a delightful trend started by my husband some 25 years ago.

  • Hey have more about you than she does, rude?! 😡 I have no doubt in my mind that this woman is envious of you because you're out there, enjoying yourself first thing & she's stuck in her mundane life doing the same thing, day in, day out...rise above her, be the better person & carry on like you did today...why shouldn't you enjoy the Rec?? Anyway, imagine how many people you will inspire both out there and on here...just do what you've got to do & keep at're doing brilliantly & dont let anyone tell you different x

  • Thank you x That's all very true and was wondering why but it's lovely to hear it from someone else. I will carry on, it's a public space (not just her dogs' toilet!!) :)

  • I loved this post.... it made me really smile... folk are weird... really really weird...

    She is probably so envious.... looks at you and feels so jealous... and.... her husband is obviously looking at you too ...:) She is trying to tell you... " I wish I was you ".... :

    You are amazing... just carry on and do what you are doing...either ignore.. or do what some of us do... a quick and witty riposte!

    " Good morning".. ( no reply...) " Obviously not... I'm sorry". " Good morning" ( Oh for God's sake"..." Well he seems okay with me running"....:)

    Or what I do sometimes and I think maybe Irishprincess does.. ignore, then turn around and lick tongue out to retreating back! :)

    Go you... you are doing great!

  • Haha! Yes! It is weird, I look dreadful, so that can not be the reason!! Maybe she just hates runners.... Anyway I LOVE IT that I am a runner! And I'm actually calling myself one!! And I also love it that you've given me ideas for things to say :) :) :)

    This place is just the best. I was going to keep this to myself, as it's very petty, but I'm so encouraged now to get back out there, thanks - AGAIN - to everyone on here being so supportive :)

  • Sounds to me like Mrs S is jealous of the fact that you are running and she is not!!

    I'd still say 'hello' every morning as that would really get her back up!! Oops, sorry I do have a bit of the devil in me when it comes to people like that!!

    Glad you carried on with the run as that'll stick two fingers up to the grumpy little woman!! Carry on the good work 🏃🏻‍♀️👍🏼

  • Haha! Thanks for that, very true. You just don't expect it at that time in the morning! Plus I'm hardly an elite runner, overweight and puffed out. There's nowt as queer as folk that's for sure!

  • This post made me laugh. Don't let Mrs Spaniels stop you from achieving your goal. You can do it. Keep it up 🙌🏻

  • thank you! :)

  • Oh bless you! Yes she is clearly jealous because you are out there doing your best and she isn’t. If Mrs Spaniel want to roll her eyes and make comments, let her. Just give her a smile, that will really make her feel silly! Other than that you could use many other words to greet her in the morning!!! 😜

  • Yes, I have plenty of those type of words up my sleeve! But I am too polite to use them..... for now! :) Thanks.

  • Next time let her pass, then turn around and run very slowly right behind her. Slow as in Michael Jackson moonwalk slow. She stops, you stop. She goes, you moonwalk run. That normally sends a message across.

  • Right, you're on, I shall do this on Wednesday! I love the thought in my mind that this is coming from your previous experience! Perhaps it should be made a rule of joining c25k, in a 'how to...' section. Thanks for making me laugh :)

  • Blow a kiss to Mr Spaniels? Srsly, the nerve of some people. I do wish you'd stop saying you look dreadful though. In my experience everyone running looks...kind of fit. Especially after a few weeks. Your skin clears up, your eyes are bright, you just look fun, and not pasty and boring. You're a lovely writer, I'm sure you're rather lovely in person too.

  • Seriously, I have a lonnnnnnnng way to go before I look fit! I have firmer flab now though, instead of wobbly, which is all good :). It definitely tones bits up this running lark. Mrs Spaniels does kind of look like an afghan hound - long and pale. Which is mean of me and I wasn't going to be mean. Thank you, I think we are all lovely on here aren't we? I can't get over just how supportive everyone is. Good luck with your running journey x

  • Oh be mean - she was!

  • This is why I've become a bit anti social when I run and just ignore everyone. Does this make me a bad person? ☹️

  • Nooooooo! Self preservation! I'm sorry you've had some gits to deal with too.... Why can't they just bog off?!

  • No! For me, I get too confused to carry out any sort of social interaction, let alone dealing with the thought of someone actively being mean! Just passing someone becomes a minefield of anxious thoughts.

  • I feel your pain :( . We WILL get there with determination and this lovely lot to egg us on when we need it.

  • Absolutely not no...x

  • No you are just busy running.

  • She sounds like a right c...haracter indeed! I hope she was just having a bad few minutes. I'll be one of many that will be waiting to hear if you can moonwalk behind her on your next run!

    Seriously she sounds really off-putting and I think you certainly did the right thing sharing here. I got looked up and down today by a woman too, it didn't feel pleasant...!

  • Haha! Naughty.... but I like it! Knowing my luck I'd probably moonwalk right through her dog's turd! I'm so glad I shared on here, I wasn't sure, I always feel like such a wuss, but you've all really made me laugh so much and that's a wonderful counteraction. We've just got to think these nasty people are jealous - all jealous!! :) :) :)

  • She doesn't pick up after her dog in a public place? Yuck! That's worth a very loud and disgusted "Euuuuugh", preferably in their hearing... I hate seeing dog poo on the ground.

    I have found, when out running, that I get fewer comments from passers-by when I wear sunglasses. Mirrored ones work best, for some reason.

    Well done for keeping going after that jarring comment.

  • perhaps they think you are famous!

  • Maybe I'll try that, a bit like a mask (which would be a bit weird!!) and no room for eye contact! I'm liking this more and more!

  • Baseball caps are good too. You could use the brim to good advantage to block eye contact.

  • Jealousy is the saddest and most pointless of sins, inasmuch as it's probably the only one that brings no pleasure, even momentary, to the sinner...

  • Great post, there are some sour faced old trouts about hey?!

    Perhaps you can get a tee shirt made with the title of your post on it and a picture of a fine athlete leaving a sad old loser in her wake......😉

  • Sour faced old trout - haven't heard that in years! Oh dear, I'm crying... with laughter. Perfect. Thanks so much you've really cheered me up!! :0

  • Glad to be of service! 😁👍

  • This post and these replies made me laugh out loud! - you have such a great way of seeing things. I agree with others here that she is getting jealous and that is only going to increase as you get fitter and fitter! As my kids might say: BOOM! You GO girl!

  • thanks very much :) Yes, it's been very therapeutic to have such a laugh over this, really cheered me up, such a great bunch of lovelies on here :)

  • Well, you can’t know what’s going on with her. She could even have dementia or similar...and find a fit runner looming near her a bit frightening. Or she could be simply nasty. Or anything. I’ve discovered recently that it doesn’t always help to knock yourself out to be friendly. Save your warmth for someone who can handle it. And let others make what they will of you just as you are...good and fit and willing to be kind but also determined and entitled to share a path.

  • Very true, yes, nicely put, I like your perspective on this. I always like to think there is a reason other than that people are just 'orrible. And yes, to just move on with entitlement. I love this place! All different views and ways to think, thanks :)

  • Just ignore her!!! Her problem not yours. Do not let her out you off you are doing so well!!!

  • Good for you for pushing on !

    Mrs spaniels is definitely jealous ,she would deep down love to have the determination you have to be out there running.

    Poor old mr spaniels ,he's probably in a spot of bother for replying to you 🙈


  • I think you might be right about Mr S, she did not look happy!! Oops! :)

  • Talking of printed T shirts, get one that says "some people have no manners!" Then wear it loud and proud when you are running!😡😡😡😡😡

  • Definitely!! I'll have one for every day at this rate! :)

  • I have had exactly the same experience but the woman works in the local chemist and is the same there. I now think, she has the problem, not me.

    Keep doing what you are doing!

  • Ha! That made me laugh! Not your misfortune, of course, but you just can't escape it anywhere, and she's working in a shop, giving a service!!! unbelievable. Good way to think, it's their problem not ours, thanks :)

  • Bizarre. I do a lot of hiking and dog walkers are generally polite and friendly (except in bits of Surrey😉). Perhaps Mrs S doesn't like getting up early either and Mr S makes her so they can have some sort of bonding experience. Or maybe she is just, as you say, a cow. Just ignore them.

  • Love it! I think you are right - about all of it!! :)

  • I have been lucky so far, or maybe Geordies really are friendlier than other folk. I work with the public though and have met some incredibly rude people. They tend to be lonely, who would be friends with them? I deal with them by being extra polite. It makes them really angry, and amuses me!!

  • What a nasty experience. I bet Mr Spaniel has a bad time of it.

    My mum taught me to either ignore nasty people, or to be nice to them. The latter option is surprisingly rewarding, for two reasons: 1) Grinning at them only winds them up further if they are determined to wreck your day, and 2) those who are being mean because they are unhappy (which I think is, unfortunately, often the case...) *might* just have second thoughts about how they can deal with it and whether the rest of the world really is as nasty as they thought. Just my tuppence worth.

  • Yes, agree 100%!

  • Love your tuppence worth, thanks for sharing :)

  • She sounds like she has an unhappy life. Fancy being so incredibly grumpy and rude.

    Like you I make the effort to say hello to the dog walkers and other bods I pass on my run. Most of them are pleasantly surprised by my cheery (if out of breath) greeting and respond with a quick hello. I do have a couple of runners who refuse to make eye contact or even give the slightest of nods. But you're woman was just plain rude, so if I were you I'd just zone in to my music and ignore the pair of them. And DO NOT let her win by changing your route or running time. :-)

  • sorry I'm a "slightest of nods" person.

  • Don't apologise, nikkiwabit, I like nods however slight, as I'm usually too puffed out to do much more than that myself, especially if I've done hills or intervals.

  • As I think I mentioned on here once, during one run I gave a broad smile to a passing runner - but it somehow inadvertently turned into a loud snort. So I just nod now too :)

  • Yep, sounds like something I would do!! So glad we are all not alone in this! :)

  • No I won't change my route, I will be brave!! thanks :)

  • Cows are better behaved :p That's plain rude of her. Good job it wasnt me she barged past! You just ignore her (really ignore her - its is very annoying). You have as much right to be in the rec. as she does.

  • Cows are lovely, not a very fitting word .... maybe I should have used the b word, but that's a bit strong, I might get booted out of here!! Ignoring is the way to go and yes I told myself that all the way round for the rest of the time!! Now I'm the daft cow!

  • It was clearly a good post and the emotion from everyone was of "how dare she"! She behaved worse than any cow :)

  • Blimey, what a miserable old wagon, and pretty ridiculous to boot. I seriously don't know what is up with some people.

    I suggest that next time, instead of saying hello to Mr Spaniels, you simply give him a very lewd wink.

  • Just thought the same you fellow vixen !!! Lol

  • And blow him a kiss🤣🤣

  • As a dog lover I'm appalled ... when I'm walking scruff and I hear the plod of feet behind me I always ....yes always move us both out the way and say hello cause I know the effort that's being made by that person a 'runner' (still use that term loosely) I'd say hello to her with a smile and wink at mr spaniels ... but that's the vixen in me 😝

    Failing that pull a cap further down and plow on by them your doing great 👍🏃🏼‍♀️

  • How is it that people like Mrs Spaniels are allowed to breathe the same air as us - bet Mr Spaniels has a'dogs' life 🤣🤣

  • Good one! :)

  • You go girl!!! This is so therapeutic for me.

    I have found most dog walkers I come across to be very polite and nice people. Most of them go out of their way to get out of my way. I do hope it is not a statement on my built for comfort frame.

  • Yes, most dog walkers are lovely and I like to move out of their way to be nice so we are all happy. Wide berths all round!! :)

  • A pirate writes... Why not imagine you are carrying a cutlass and parry her with it as you pass? I know it's what I'd do and you never know, she might tumble over board!

  • Very good! I like what you did there. I'll see if it works :)

  • Good on you for carrying on running - I would ignore her and put her response down to just being rude. I wouldn't acknowledge her next time, just listen to your music & run on. I bet she couldn't do what you are doing :) x

  • I can barely do what I am doing! And it looks like that too! I don't know... I will ignore her for sure. thanks for the encouragement :)

  • Mrs Spaniels clearly jealous of her husband's ability to be cheery to you and thinks why isn't he that nice to me? The clue Mrs Spaniels is in Fishypie's post!

  • I have found your new running shirt


  • I love this Rig!

    I once ran past a serious but sad runner who (she) was wearing a tshirt that said ' I'm having none of that f***ing s***.

    I assumed she didn't like folk saying good morning....maybe hers was always a bad morning.........I'm not surprised with an attitude like that.

  • Oh my! That's hilarious. I'll keep that one up my sleeve.....

  • Smile charmingly and say hello to Mr S and ignore her. Every time. 😈

  • People are weird.

    All present company excepted of course. :) :)

  • If sweating profusely (like I do) you could try shaking your head as you go past to get the sweat to land on her!!

    But seriously - there are some people who are just unhappy people, and like to spread their misery to everyone around, as if a black cloud follows them around. They are to be pitied, but best ignored when encountered. Or drenched with sweat ...

    Liked your knicker elastic theory !

  • Thanks, I shall shake my head and see what happens! Hopefully it won't fall off! I feel so buoyed up by everyone's comments I shall just sail pass her tomorrow.... in a sea of sweat! :)

  • Hi, Well done you for carrying on, I too am very self conscious (I'm 52) as I drag my backside round the runs (Week 6 R3 later today) and try and time it so I meet as few people as possible but I have yet to find your confidence in raising my eyes from the floor when I do see people to say Hello so you are doing better than me so Well Done!

  • You are doing amazingly believe me, you are so very nearly there too!! I did it all in my garden! I've only been out in the real world a week! Good luck on the last few weeks :)

  • Why not wind up Mrs S by continuing to greet her hubby? He's continued to be friendly - if he always walks ahead of her it could be cos he can't stand her, like you!. Also, she may not be able to run for whatever reason and IS jealous, so bear that in mind, be grateful and keep a happy smile on. 😁

  • Thanks, great advice! Smile at the ready.... :)

  • What a thoroughly unpleasant person.

  • I would be your usual self; say a big cheery hi to each of them, with a big smile. Let her see you are enjoying yourself! She will hate it no doubt.

    But, you my love, will be the better person each and every time. Not just because you are now a runner, but you have also retained your dignity!

    Enjoy! Us runners are a nice crowd 🏃🏼‍♀️😃

  • Yes, so true! I wouldn't be horrible to her, it's not in my nature, we ARE a lovely bunch on here and everyone has been SO supportive over this. I feel incredibly lucky to have you all on my side and a little bit teared up :) p.s. my dignity went out the window when I put on my running tights!! :)

  • I'd just stick my music on and smile vaguely at him from now on ( no need to acknowledge her as she was rude). She must be feeling bad that she's not running herself / having a bad day ( assuming she didn't have to make a sudden diversion to get out of your way). Such a shame (and needlessly rude of her). I usually get cheery smiles, 'well done', 'keep going' or 'I should be doing that' from people and it gives me a lovely boost. Certainly don't change your time - you've as much right to be there as they have. Good luck!

  • 124 replies! This must be a record!

  • Ah well, some of them are my replies so cut that in half maybe. It's been so lovely having everyone chip in on this, I've had a right laugh and feels loads better. Manners still do matter in the world, which is nice to know! :)

  • They do indeed and reading these replies restores some of my faith in humanity 😀

  • Me too, I was seriously beginning to wonder about this world until I came on here and realised that sane, supportive, friendly people do still actually exist.... and they are all runners!! :)

  • I had already finished c25k on my own when I stumbled across this group and I count myself very lucky for doing so. So many kind and supportive people here. It has been whats kept me going and Im working on 10k now. Last year this time that was a laughable notion to me as I was fully glued to my couch.

  • Yes, I was about Week 5 before I realised. I know, it's so helpful, I'm not sure that I would still be going if not for this lot. 10k wow, I don't even know if I'm doing 5k or not! It's just about keeping going for me at the mo.

  • Keeping going is all that really matters in the end 😀

  • Sounds to me like she just realised farts don’t have lumps... keep on running 😎

  • Haha! I love that! I'm gonna save that one and use it another time! :)

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