w8r3 Lucy the spaniel

w8r3 Lucy the spaniel

A few of you wanted to know what I look like so here is my photograph. I don't know what all the fuss is about, I'm finding C25K a doddle and I have to drag Slowstart along. She's constantly telling me to slow down or nagging me to stop sniffing but this just makes me pull her further and faster. I even go for a run in the fields when the podcast finishes so I must be super fit.

Now, I think i'm doing twice as much work because I have twice as many legs as you so does my 5K count as 10K

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  • Hello Lucy!! What a lovely little coat you're wearing. I think that 5K is a fit distance not determines by how little or by how many legs you have, but you sound super fit!! <3

    Slowstart, thank you so much for posting this!!! :-D

  • She has a flashing harness when we run but I haven't got any photos of this. She comes to work with me and runs around the yard so this high vis is purely for safety reasons when the lorries are around.

  • Tee Hee ! Hiya Lucy ! :-)

    Oh she is adorable, what a little sweetie .

    I am dog mad , love 'em !

    Thanks for posting ! :-) xxx

  • She may look sweet, but she's just trying to figure out what to kill next....

  • Surely not Ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • Awww she looks like butter wouldn't melt. Love her "look out for me" coat.

  • Awww, she's gorgeous. Have fun dragging Slowstart - I bet you she's secretly grateful for your company :)

  • She wouldn't do this without me now but did threaten to leave me at home when she first started as she thought I got in her way.

  • Ahh shes very sweet! got to love a spaniel! My sister had a springer Augus who was just the loveliest dog! I have a Jack Russell George, a bit of a toad!! , who pops up often in my forum pictures!!

  • Oh, I haven't sniffed him out yet but will try to track him down.

  • Cute!

  • Aww bless she looks adorable

  • Ha Ha - great post!

  • Aw bless! I love dogs too!!

    I burned my fat bum off by dog walking so I could hopefully get fit enough to run with the dog, as he pulled my arms off on our walks. I can now run with him. Yayyyyyyyyyy! He's not mine though, just borrowed for fitness purposes

    It's a good thing if the dog is always up for a run (or walk) as their enthusiasm is catching and transfers up the lead I always think

    I hope you have lots of fun along the way. Enjoy x

  • Hahaha, Lucy you are a champion! But why the raincoat? I thought Spaniels like the water?

  • Love the water, especially muddy puddles which I insist on lying down in.

    This is my work vest for when I'm playing down the yard so the lorries don't hit me, I find it totally embarrassing but I'd rather wear it than stay indoors.

  • Good girl Lucy but watch out they may force you to wear a helmet next ! 🐩

  • ooh she is lovely!!

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