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WK6 Run 3

Ok so after completing the last five weeks myself and a friend who also reads these forums are about to embark on the first of 25 minutes! Cant believe I am writing this but wanted to thank not just my friend Wendy but also all of you who have posted as I have been reading this for 6 weeks now.

When I did the first run of 1 minute I thought I was going to pass out, what with being 2.5 stone overweight and never ran in my life!!! EVER!!! To everyone just starting this programme it works!!

I have taken the rest days and followed it to the letter and if you do that anything is possible!

I am dreading this run but also looking forward to this but still can't believe it's me doing this!!! Ha ha

Thanks sarah

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No need for dread.. the programme works, if you follow it, steady and slow... you are doing fine:)


Thank you Oldfloss! 😀

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