WK6 run 1 harder than WK5 run 3?

Did the 1st run of week 6 this morning and found it harder than the 20 minute run of week 5 run 3, how can that be?

Anyone else found that?

I worked late last night and so was going on only 4-5 hours sleep so that may have been the issue, but that's not unusual and I've run with a proper hangover before and this was harder going than that!

Still loving it though, although it's a bit worrying that I'm counting the hours until the next run...


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  • I've just done W5,R3 (only just!!) and am wondering why my next run is shorter and has breaks?! It doesn't seem logical. I won't be surprised to struggle through it though, as today was really hard. Well done for getting through, especially on so little sleep.

  • Ohhh - I'm doing W6R1 tonight - I'll let you know how it goes, it does seem much easier than W5 R3....

  • I'm now in week 12 of running and after several 5k's and uphill runs, W6 R1 was still the hardest I have ever done. I think it's mostly psychological after completing the dreaded W5 R3 - that and the fact that your body may well be tired after its first 20 minute slog.

    I am a great advocate of completing every run in the programme for this very reason. Mental and Physical toughness!

  • thanks - I think you are right, it may be psychological as I wasn't gasping for breath or having tired legs, but I still felt slow and those 8 minutes went on for ever. Also I felt a definite spring in my step when I heard "just 60 seconds to go" on the last 5 minutes

  • me too. wk6r1 was soooooo difficult after thinking that I could do anything after running 20 mins solid. it didnt make any sense to me either. my first run of week 1 & this run were the hardest for me.

    dont worry. it will get easier. your next run will be fine. I think that you go back to intervals so that you dont overdo things & cause yourself an injury.

    mind you, this run might be hard just because it lets you get into your stride & then makes you stop so that you have to start from scratch again :)

  • I also found W6R1 tough, it was definately a mental battle for me doing the stop/start thing, and again on R2. But now I look back I see that it was preparing me for the longer runs ahead by building more stamina.

    Best of luck for run 2 :)

  • Just back from W6R1 - It seemed harder than it should be , but, my times were pretty much spot on... I'll agree with everyone else it's a more of a mental challenge this one....

  • yes i found that, think it was because i was going faster as I knew the running interval was shorter. i was always (still am) araniod i will run out of stamina ad stop if i try to pick up my speed! stick with it and try to keep on pacing yourself.

    re the sleep it really doesnt help. ive found it lots harder on days ive been busy, or its hot, or ive had poor sleep. but its hard getting ideal days to run, i think i would never go out if that were the case.

    good luck- youre over halfway :)

  • Yes!! I'm glad you said this! I did W6R1 today and was thinking 'ugh, I'm never going to be able to do this running malarkey'... I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    I did, however, feel pretty good afterwards, despite struggling with the runs :)

  • I felt exactly the same but was flying through w6r3!

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