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Week 7 about to start

Advice would be gratefully received.

I am about to start Week 7. Have been feeling so good up to this point. We literally buzzing following my W6R3 I wanted to shout from the rooftops.

But that was last week. And well, life got in the way when the weekend hit. Was away with work Friday to Saturday and old habits are hard to break. Although I didn't go food crazy I veered out of my 'zone' and the demon alcohol joined the party too 😶

So I am now dreading heading for a 25 minute run. I haven't failed at any of the runs yet and I worry that I will have to stop or even abandon the run.

Should I just go for it and power through or sort my head out and add another rest day (that will be 3 rest days)

I don't want to 'break the cycle' and fail at a run.

Or am I just over thinking it all and get out there and run?

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Are you properly rehydrated after the drinking session?

If so I would definitely go for it, it'll clear your head and set you up for a positive week to come.

Week 7 is just another WK6R3 after all and you really enjoyed that, you know what you have to do, big glass of water before you head out, slow and steady and enjoy. :0)


Sounds like an attack of the gremlins to me ... and we don't listen to them on here! 🙂 If as J9_54 says, there are no ill effects from the demon booze(!), then I would say go for it! Bet you'll feel great once you've been!🙂


Err.. we try not to use the 'f' word on here:)

If you feel reallly well hydrated... then try a gentle run... warm up well... start slow and stay slow... don't push. If you think you should err on the side of caution, then three rest days won't hurt..just do other exercise in those days.. strength and flex, walking, or core strength exercise, to keep it all moving :)

Better to have extra rest and enjoy these lovely longer runs:)

You know how you feel... :)

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There is no such thing as fail! What's the worst that could happen? You have to stop and walk briskly for a couple of mins? That's not failing. However, as you said you have not "failed" a run yet, so no reason to suspect you will fail this one. Just make sure you are properly hydrated and take it super slow, at least for the first 10 mins. Pace is key...as is having some faith in yourself!

And...you have to try, right? We try for every run.

That being said, I do totally understand how you are feeling. You sound like a perfectionist, like me. I had achy legs and was feeling pre-menstrual yesterday, and was even thinking of adding another rest day to avoid what I thought would be a doomed run. But I talked myself out of the negativity, did the run, and all went well...

This journey is as mental as it is physical...

Stay strong. 🏃‍♀️😘


Slow and steady. Slow and steady are the 3 words that I have used throughout this journey.

I would say to drink a glass of water and maybe half a banana for energy and get out there and see how you go.

Remember that if you don't complete this run, which I'm sure you will, you can always put it down to a practice run and focus on completing it next time.

Also, WK6R3 is exactly the same as all the WK7 runs so if you completed that run then you know that you can complete it again.

I did WK7R1 this morning and I was saying to myself I've done it once so I know I can do it again. Good luck and let us know how you get on 😊😊

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Just go out there and run!


Look, you went out and had a good time, a blow out every so often can be a good thing, it reminds you that you are still human, nothing wrong with that.

No matter how much you drank, you are still a runner, one night of partying isn't going to change that. Make sure you're properly hydrated and off you go, W7R1 one IS something you have already completed once, you already own it, it doesn't own you.

Go out, enjoy the run, if you have to stop because you aren't hydrated fully after the partying then chalk it up as a practice run and do it again, you never really fail with a run unless you fail to start it.

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absolutely right about the F word and once I read that I realised that the worst thing that could happen would be I Run-Walk interval train again. But I ran for 25 minutes straight. Found it relatively easy and even hiked the speed up for the last minute.

If it wasn’t for this forum I don’t think I’d be anywhere near running this much so thank you to everyone for your comments and motivation 🤗

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