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Week 8 Run 1

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Walked past this farm in my area with an awesome corn maze during my cool down and couldn't resist stopping a minute to take some photos!

Getting closer and closer to that 5k goal!! I'm definitely getting more comfortable with the non-interval runs after struggling a bit in weeks 6 and 7.... I somehow managed to get my furthest distance yet today of 4.5k despite still being in recovery from a gnarly cold. Hoping I can keep it up for Run 2 but I feel like today's strange burst of athleticism may have been a fluke haha! Ah well you know what they say: Slow and steady eventually manages to run a full 5k!

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It does...:) It may come after Graduation, as it does for most.. but if you want it. it will evolve!!

At this point, it can be really enjoyable to just relax into the longer runs.. start slowly and let your legs begin to take over... find, what I have termed on here, your happy pace:)

Just let them carry you... breathe easily,and enjoy some of the lovely things around you, as in your super photo... :)

When folk talk about, managing, or struggling... I think back to a sentence in my last but one post..."This journey is supposed to be an enjoyable one, not an endurance test. "

With the beauty around you... just go with it now and cruise all the way to the podium... where your journey really, really begins :)

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Brilliant and I love that pic 😎

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Lovely picture, I'm so useless with technology I haven't figured out how to take pictures, listen to my music and run the app all the same time on my phone....must ask my 10 year old great niece to show me lol

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Maize is all over the place at the minute. Except on my plot which has come up empty thus far, unless someone has been helping themselves 🙄

It's great to be out jogging and taking a few pics while we're out. It's got to be fun 🙂👍✔️

You're getting there, steady and sure.

Love the pic too...

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