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Here goes


For the first time I'm really struggling to lose weight despite reducing my calorie intake. At 47 I'm thinking it's an hormonal issue and recognise I need to introduce exercise into my life! So today I started C25K!! I'm not a runner. I have fibromyalgia and struggle with painful calves but feel determined to improve my fitness and lose weight. Any tips to motivate would be good. X

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Welcome! This is a wonderful group of supportive people at many different experience levels. So you've come to a good place. Slow and steady progress at your own pace is the general rule of thumb. People like Oldfloss and IannodaTruffle are wise, seasoned vets whose words you can really trust.

JHoop in reply to Decker

Thank you. Slow and steady sounds goods! X

Hi JHoop and welcome to the forum 😊

Non of us were runners when we started c25k and like you we all tentatively started the program. Its brilliant and really works, you will love it.

Keep posting and we will cheer you on and help with any questions...

Good luck with W1 R2 after your rest day 😊.

JHoop in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you. It's good to have such heartfelt support x

I have asthma and like you I felt the need to lose the weight that seems to have crept in in the last couple of years. I really wasn't confident about running and my ability to "stick" with it. But I'm really enjoying it and although I don't think I've lost any weight I feel better!!! My advice is too take it slowly do it at your own rate. And keep posting...everyone on the forum is behind You!

JHoop in reply to Pennyj66

Thank you so much. I'm feeling determined though also find it hard!! I think like you say going at my own pace is going to be a must. X


Welcome. You are amongst people who can identify with your situation and we are here to help you succeed.

To be blunt, running at the level of C25K is not going to make you lose weight. Many have found using the My fitness Pal app alongside running to be highly effective. Weight loss, as I am sure you know, is reliant on you burning more calories than you consume.

All that said, you will feel fitter in just a couple of weeks and you will not want to compromise all the positive gains by overeating. You will definitely tone up and maybe lose inches.

There will be a mental change too, as your brain chemistry alters after strenuous exercise. Read around this site and you will see people who are simply staggered at their progress and ability to do something that was totally alien to them just a short while ago.

C25K changes lives. Good luck.

JHoop in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you. I have tackled my diet in the last three weeks and am pretty clued up re nutrition-though knowledge doesn't always equal good practice! I've always lost weight before by just dieting so for me introducing exercise is an extra!! I recognise how needed it is and feel determined to improve my health and the ageing process. As you say I'm also hoping it will help put an end to my yo-yo weight loss and dieting as it will induce a more conscious attitude to health. Thank you for your support. I think I'm going to need it!


I'm the same age and feel similarly challenged by weight issues. Was determined to take up some regular exercise and tried swimming first but always found reasons not to go and then thought at least with running I just have to open the front door.

I'm now in the middle of Wk4 and have found this programme amazing. Firstly though it's always slightly challenging it is do-able (really and I'm speaking as someone who has really never exercised regularly) but mostly because it's made me feel far more positive and motivated about everything.

Just get started and you'll probably find your progress motivation enough ... and if not there are always these lovely folk on here to keep you going. Look forward to seeing your future posts.

JHoop in reply to DebJogsOn

Thank you so much. You have given me hope as it sounds you we're in a similar place to me. So inspiring to read people's posts and feel so supported x

Well done for joining I'm 56 lost 5 stone with slimming world now I've started c25k and am loving it so far. Hope you enjoy the journey

JHoop in reply to Cornet-Carolyn

Thank you. Feeling very middle aged and flabby at the mo and feel it's a case of now or never!!! Well done on weight loss. I'm hoping introducing exercise will stop my yo-yo dieting x

Truffe is right - this programme alone won't make you lose weight. But here is where running is really clever. You will get fitter, and will really enjoy feeling fitter - to the point that it will make you look at all other areas of your life / health. I am more likely to take the stairs now, for example, and also choose an apple and some nuts over a piece of cake. I drink far more water too, as I don't want dehydration to ruin any of the lovely runs I am enjoying. It all adds up. And when I complete the programme, I plan to run for slightly longer if I can and thus burn more calories. Slow and steady - you will benefit in so many ways from running! 😘

JHoop in reply to Sadie-runs

Thank you. I'm (currently) quite healthy in other areas, water intake and diet and am even sticking to a sleep routine to try and help my energy levels. Exercise has always been missing though so it's time to tackle that!!! Thank you for your support. X

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