Smashed it!

W4R3 is IN THE BAG! Very achy legs which are going to really love this hot bath lol but enjoyed the run even though I thought I wasn't going to make it today, legs felt heavy like I was trying to run through water? Anybody else had that feeling? Am so chuffed ive finished Wk 4 but apprehensive bwt Wk 5....


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  • Well done need for any apprehension...just anticipation :) You have followed the programme and you will be fine... as long as you keep it slow and steady :)

  • Hahaa that's what I was thinking when I thought my legs would give out today I had u in my head saying "slow and steady" so thanks Oldfloss u a diamond! 😊

  • She certainly is!!

  • Yey!! Well done you! Doesn't seem 2 mins since you joined us on here & now look at you!! Hot on my heels!!!! I've had days where my legs were like cement pillars!!! Not sure what caused it but I got through whatever run I was doing and that's all that go get in that bath!!!!

  • Thanks hun it was a toughie today but still sort of enjoyed pushing myself and that bath was delish lol πŸ˜‰

  • I hope you're very proud of yourself? You're doing brill x

  • Hot bath = heaven. Week 5 a great week will make you grin with achievement

  • Keep going your doing great! I've had the feeling plenty of times when it feels like I've hit a wall or really sticky mud. Just kept going at whatever pace I could keep up and it soon passes. I've had just as many times when is felt great and I've been going a bit too fast and had to back off. It's all fun and if it was easy everyone would be doing it:)!!!

  • Thanks for the support and good to know it's not just me ☺

  • Well done - im doing the same run tonight...looking forward to a similar feeling of pride, or at least the hot bath!

  • Yay! Big well done! We are at exactly the same stage of the programme now. I am planning R1 of W5 tomorrow. Excited. And yes, I get that heavy leg feeling too sometime. Am wondering if it's because my leg muscles are not quite "there" yet? Trying to fit in some leg strengthening yoga poses on my rest days to see if that helps. Some say it is dehydration - and I do run in the morning so maybe am not getting enough water in me before heading out? I dunno. Anyways, so proud of you - you are doing amazingly well and it is a joy to see you progressing! 😘

  • I get this occasionally sometimes for the whole run other times just at the beginning. Not sure what causes it but I tried to lighten my step (if you get what I mean) as Oldfloss talks about kissing the pavement with your feet rather than stomping, that seems to help me.

    Well done for getting this far, Week 5 is the best week, really consolidates the last few weeks & sets you up to face what comes up next!

    Good Luck πŸ˜‰

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