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Smashed it!

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So we have just finished week 9 run 3. Absolutely amazed. Yes, it was daunting at the start but we committed to it and with a bit of will power we knew we was going to get there. We got there, cant say with ease but feeling absolutely amazing after completing. All you doubters (and that includes me and my dad from the start) ..get your running shoes on and get out there! Xx

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Very well done 🥳 🎉

Many congratulations on your graduation, fellow runner.

This guide to post C25k running may be helpful

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Congratulations to you and your dad on graduating from C25K, well done 😀 🏃🏾 🎓To get your graduation badge and the word GRADUATE 🎓 next to your username leave a message in the pinned posts on the right side of the healthunlocked January graduation homepage and tell the administrators that you have ran W9R3 of C25K and graduated 🎓 🏃🏾 👍


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Congratulations Keepgoing3030, it’s a great feeling to graduate 👏🏻👏🏻🏅🥳🥳 Well Done 👍

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Fantastic stuff. Now the fun begins.

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Congratulations to you both! Well done and welcome to the C25K finish line . 😀

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Love seeing W9R3 completed posts. Huge congratulations to you both.

I can't wait to see whats next in your new running adventure

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A huge well done. Must have taken grit and determination to have complete this in the midst of winter. Happy running. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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Congratulations on completing C25K!

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Congratulations on completing C25K. Brilliant achievement 👏🎉🥳👏🎉🥳

Thank you everyone!

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Well done on your achievement. It really is a fantastic feat. Many of us found that it’s odd at first when there is no ‘plan’ or instructions. You may want to consider what the next running goal may be for you? Of course make sure you do a fair few more 30 mins runs and get the time and distance embedded before embarking on the new target but I found without a focus and an app spurring me on it was difficult to get used to!!

Well done!

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Brilliant!!!! Well done 🎊

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