W1R1 - so it is possible!

After a disappointing 'practice run' on Tuesday where I essentially expired after the fourth 60 second run and may have told Laura to do something unspeakable when she suggested keeping up the pace!

Anyway - tried it again today - listened to the advice to slow it down, and then slow it down some more, and it worked! The key is definitely jogging at a not much more than brisk walking pace, rather than brisk jogging, if that makes sense. Whereas last time I felt horrendous after the second or third burst of jogging, this time actually felt ok.

Can't say I'm 'looking forward' to run 2 (sport and exercise has never been my thing) but am dreading it much less than I was dreading this rerun. Thanks to everyone for the tips, adivce and support - and if you like me are struggling getting started, believe it really is possible!


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14 Replies

  • Well done you!! I have never ran before and my usual walk is to the car!

    Run 3 week 1 is tomorrow for me so maybe we can hook up and support each other

  • I just completed my first walk/run half an hour ago :) I shuffled along like a snail ;) well done on making it through to the end!

  • Well done to you too - it can only get easier!

  • You... get stronger... with every run :)

  • Snails rock... slowly...but they rock !

  • Well done!!!

  • Congratulations !! The hardest part of this whole program is starting it so you've already won half the battle ☺️ onward and upward!

  • No dread please... no need.. just do what you did on this run... you kept it slow :)

    Now.... start to relax and look around... begin to just enjoy the journey... you may not be looking forward to it... yet!

    But, as you progress and start to feel the benefits and realise why you are doing this.. you may just start to feel a little bit hooked:)

  • Needwillpower.....DO NOT listen to those gremlins that are filling your head with dread...most of us have found the programme difficult at times be it on Week 1 or week 9 or somewhere in between...honestly, I promise you that...but with determination over dread and will power over can't do's you will do it...and it doesn't matter how many practice runs you have at each one, just keep on chipping away, practice makes perfect don't forget...Week 1 will soon be a thing of the past...keep going, we're all out there with you

  • you're not on your own...ive just got back from my first ever run...i could only do 2 runs! the rest of them I managed the first 20 seconds before having to return to a brisk walk....my husband completed it a breeze! I'd have pushed him over had I managed to keep up haha

  • With the benefit of long hindsight, I have realised that part of my struggle with Week 1 (took me something between 12-18 attempts to get the 3 completions) was not just trying to run too fast for myself but also trying to do the walks too fast. Ironic given that the whole reason I started the programme was that brisk walking was proving unsustainable.

    The key thing is the moving and the motion (walking motion in the walks, running motion in the runs) The rest will follow. (Once I'd cracked Week 1 never needed to do another 'extra')

    Can I suggest that next time out if you really can't sustain a running motion in a run segment you walk the whole of the rest of the session? You'll then have a really clear marker to 'beat' the next time out and build up an attitude of keeping going more easily than if you do bits of several run segments, if that makes sense?

  • that makes perfect sense and is great advice, thanks very much ill give it a go!

  • Yaay well done knew u could do it! ☺

  • First steps, first runs, first achievements... well done you

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