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Intro- what felt like a badass run


I signed up to connect with people, like me, who have an interest in becoming fitter/fit.

A snapshot of the stage I am at: I dreaded a run yesterday, thought about it for so long. Can I really run from my house to town? That would be the first outdoors 'long distance' I have ever done. But I haven't been regular at the gym recently, I'll surely stop half way. Ill just take a miserable pre-run selfie, then run.

I reach town, quickly check my time and see it took me 30min! I felt AMAZING.

After walking in town like a badass and doing my 'healthy food' shopping. I get home and check the distance on google maps- thinking it could be 6-7km- turned out 3.3km...

3.3km in 30min...

So I'd like to connect to fitness pursuing people and, as a first goal, run 10km outdoors.


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It was badass because you did it, no matter how long/short a distance it turned out to be, and you felt great that you had done it!

But...are you following the C25K programme? Starting with shorter intervals will help you to build up your stamina and eventually your speed, and then you can get on to achieving your 10k goal.

Give the programme a go, via the app or the podcast, and keep posting your progress for lots of support.

Good luck!


Hi there.. welcome..

This is a forum for C25K runners.. slow, structured and steady progression... over nine weeks. and after the nine weeks..running for 30 minutes... comfortably...hopefully having fun, getting fitter and staying injury free. 5K is a goal some may make, but many don't after the 9 weeks.. there is no pressure at all.

It is a structured programme which builds in disciplines within our running and we often post links too, to stamina and core strength exercise which are essential in the building up of or running bodies:)

If you are already an experienced runner... then maybe head across to the Bridge to 10K forum :) That has lots of seasoned runners, awesome people... on there who will give you great advice and support if your goal is eventually 10K


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