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About time I updated! Week 4 Run 1 this evening and felt like I was going to throw up!!!


Hi everyone! I haven't updated for a while but I've been quietly plodding on and have reached Week 4 :) Hooray I thought. The runs had been getting easier and I no longer sounded like an asthmatic elephant, well, sort of!! I even got the technology issues sorted and now download them from the website onto my mp3 player. All good. But today, I was back to gasping for breath - I swear I could be heard half a mile away, and during that 5 minute run I thought I would throw up. Still, I did it, and actually the second 5 minute run wasn't *quite* as bad as the first. Hoping that run 2 is slightly better! I WILL do this :-D

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I feel your pain... I've w4r3 tomorrow. The only satisfaction I have had from running this week is it being over and being able to say 'Didn't die this time!' :-)

Ooh, it is hard isn't it! Hope run 3 goes without pain!! You can do it :)

Do you know what? I did W1R1 last Saturday morning, and it went OK(ish), but since then I've avoided it. It's been very busy week, and I've needed all the sleep I could get, but still I could have made it out one of these days. It's a mental struggle as much as a physical one, and Week 4 does up the ante somewhat. Let's get through this one together. I will get out there tomorrow or Saturday morning.

It took me months from hearing about the programme to actually doing it...life always gets in the way and I'm a firm believer in doing things when you feel good and ready, otherwise, if your hearts not in it you're more likely to be setting yourself up to fail, and then you feel bad, and then the cycle continues. Saying that though, you have done the most difficult thing in actually going out and doing it once...you will find the motivation to do it again, and the support you can get on here is amazing. You CAN do it :) Good luck :)


Yes, you will do it. You will get used to the longer running intervals and your body will learn how to do the breathing so you can get into a rhythm, this whole process is one of gradual improvement and remember you are nearly halfway !

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I hope so! Thank you :)


You will do it; just need to take it really steady, slow and steady wins the race I believe the saying goes... anyway. Ask anyone on here about the start of any run no matter what level they are they will all say the first 5 minutes are the worse, so please don’t get disheartened, think about how far you have come. Your still getting out there and doing it so well done and keep us up to date :)

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Aaww, thanks, I will :)


Hi Kathy :) I did W4R1 yesterday too so we are up to the same point. I know what you mean about the 5 minutes! Bit of a shock to the system! Hopefully it will get easier each time :) WE CAN DO THIS! :D

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Yay! well done to you :) I think it may become my mantra...we can do this, we can do this!!!Good luck for the rest of the week :)

Same here, did week 4 run 1 2 days ago and it was haggard.

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Well done! Hope it gets easier very soon!! :)


I got this at about the same time. I felt really dizzy and a bit light headed. I think it could be because we haven't exerted ourselves much; however, the general advice was to eat a little something approx 30 mins before one goes for a run.

I would have half a banana amd a couple of teaspoons of natural yoghurt and all seemed well. I haven't experienced it since then although I don't always eat before I run these days I have to say.

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I'm a bit scared to eat anything before i go, last time I did I got the stitch. But it may have been coincidence. I think I should probably pay more attention to nutrition now though, seeing as the runs are only going to become more demanding. Thanks for the advice :)


Hey well done everyone for getting to week 4! I am on week 8 and I can honestly say that the day WILL come when you don't feel as if you are going to die on the road side : ) It is still hard work for me and as all the posts will tell you, the first few minutes are hard no matter how far into the programme you are - but when I get to the point where I couldn't out run a tortoise, I just remind myself how hard it was to run for 5 minutes and here I am running 28 minutes!! When you feel like you can't do the next run, just remind yourself how far you have come. You CAN do it : )

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Haha! Yes i did get to a snails pace at some points! Thanks for your positivity :)


Well done on your first run of week 4. The runs do start getting quite long now (in comparison to the previous weeks) with shorter walk breaks, so, if possible, try to slow things down a bit more, especially at the start of the run - that way you shouldn't get short of breath and may even have a little something left in the tank towards the end. It probably doesn't help that the weather is getting very warm now. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.

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Thanks :) Yes it was a tad warm yesterday evening. At some points if i'd gone any slower i would've gone backwards!!! But maybe I should try and go even slower from the beginning :)


Well done on sticking with it. I'm doing w4r1 tonight so I hope I don't feel as bad as you ;)

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Good luck!! Let us know how it goes. You can do it :-D


Well done for getting to week 4. I have just completed week 4 and felt pretty similar to you. I couldn't believe that I hadn't seen more posts about run 1. I did mine in a treadmill and my calves felt so tight in comparison to previous runs and thought I couldn't go on, but Laura's words just made me push on to the end. As a result, run 2 felt so much easier! I found that I was focusing on how much time I had left and it was wearing me down whereas if I allowed myself to get distracted then it was so much easier. There is hope for your next run and you will enjoy it more, trust me :)

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Thank you :) There's no way I'd still be doing this if I'd tried to do it without Laura!!I hope you're right :) Good luck for week 5. I must say I am a bit apprehensive about that one!!

Thank you everyone for all your replies. I am overwhelmed with the positivity of everyone on here. It really makes such a difference :-D

I have just completed week 4. Found the first run hard but by run3 I was starting to enjoy it.


You can do this. Half way to graduation. Nothing worth doing is ever easy but this programme makes it achievable for anyone. Check out the graduation posts on this forum - everyone here, no matter their background or previous ability, EVER thought they do it... And they all did...

You will too... Stick with the programme.. It's a mental challenge too! ;)

Good luck!

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