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W9R1 Snailblazer!!!!!

Decided to get up at 5 this morning and out by 5.30 to avoid the heat of the day. The thought of running for 30 mins was enough to frighten me to death let alone running when it was hot!.

I set off at a sensible snails pace and had the whole run to myself except for hundreds of snails! I spent so much time worrying about treading on them that I was half way through before I knew it. When Laura chipped in and said that I had run for 15 mins I didn't quite believe her until I realised that I had run much further than I had previously, although I am not reaching the magic 5k yet. The rest of the run (had to turn around and run back) was once again spent watching out for snails but I am very proud to announce that on this occasion I was overtaking them!

Only 2 more runs to go – getting excited now.

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LOL i have a great image of you doing the snail dodge at a not so snail pace... well done.

I had my own proud moment this week in the overtaking department. I overtook a truck going up a short hill yesterday morning... then i realised it was a street cleaner and only goes 5k an hour! Ah well... cant win em all...


Good on you magster for getting up so early to run. You're right about early morning being the only fit time to run while it's so hot. Congratulations on a run well done, too.

(Guess the early bird got the snail instead of the worm, huh?)


Thank you both you have made have a giggle :)


how bizare!!?? wonder if it was the great snail migration or something??!! I did a run once when it was raining hard and there were frogs everywhere ( some squished ones on the road urrggh!) well done on your run though! :-)


thank you


Lovely image of you avoiding snails, better than being attacked by midges like i was yesterday


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