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My first wobble, W9R1

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Asthma and severe hayfever have really slowed me down the past few weeks. But that was ok, have been making slow and steady progress despite the insane pollen count and have been doing my best to have walks and do yoga to keep my strength up, and still managing at least two runs a week. And have completed every single run. This time, after two rest days, and with it raining, and the pollen having dipped from Extremely High to a mere High, I took my chances and off I went. Lasted five minutes...want to cry. My legs and arms were shaking and my chest felt like it was in a vice, head spinning. Full on asthma. Had to stop. I know there is nothing I can do about it, and it is pretty good to have got all the way to W9 without having to repeat a run, and this is just what it is, and pollen will get better, and I can try again tomorrow, this was just a practice run. But it does feel so defeating. I know...get back on the horse tomorrow. Take care of myself today and get back out there. Trying to listen to my own advice.

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I’m the same! I did W8R1 on Monday but since then I’ve suffered with a wheezy cough which I’m putting down to the high pollen count that day. It’s slowly getting better and I’m hoping to do a run tomorrow morning as the rain will have helped it.

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to Mhjogs

Its so gutting, isn't it? I have been working so hard to get to W9, and doing everything I can to manage my asthma, but with pollen so high, no amount of medication is helping. Right, will give myself another half hour of my pity party then dust myself off and try again tomorrow.

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As someone who suffers with hay fever also, I feel your pain, ain’t nobody want to run around looking like swamp thing. As far as the run goes, so today didn’t work, ok, dust yourself off and go again when you’re ready, you’ve got this 💪🏻😊

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to Dtay1978

I know, it has been horrible this year hasn't it? No amount of medication has helped. My asthma is badly triggered by it too, but so far have been able to work around this by taking more rest days, and running earlier in the morning, but today, it was just too much. My legs and arms were shaking, chest felt like had a vice around it, and head spinning just a few minutes in. Had to give up at five minutes. Still feel shaky over half an hour later. Its just disappointing after having otherwise done so well. But you are right, rest up, dust myself off and have another go tomorrow. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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You’re welcome 😊

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Ahh mate, that stinks. But if this is the first run you’ve had to repeat, you’re seriously crushing this! I’ve had to repeat soooo many for various reasons (mostly me being a numpty and going too fast). It’s cool, you’re just getting stronger every time you run so its never a wasted run. X

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to Swanseajen

Thank you! Have given myself a good pep talk, going to take very good care of myself today, drinks litres and litres of water, and give it a go again early tomorrow. You're right, it wasn't wasted. It meant I got at least 15 minutes of exercise anyway, five of it running. So just a warm-up. x

Oh no 😞 Don’t feel so down. You went out and tried your hardest. Your body just couldn’t cope with the change in weather, that’s all. Not that you couldn’t cope with the run. You’ve done so so well! It is so disheartening, I know how you feel. I had to remember that I was new to this running malarkey and 9 weeks doesn’t make me a Mrs Farah! Asthma and hayfever are rubbish for us wanna be runners!

Have a rest today and back out there tomorrow. Get your head around the fact that you’ll complete the run, be positive. I’ve had a trapped nerve in my right side of hip/back. I haven’t run since Monday and I’m so worried when I get back out there I’ll be back to 30 seconds again.

Our heads are our main objectors.

Let’s both be positive we can do this. Pump and tissues in hand! Let me know how you go x

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to KatieLGettins

Thanks so much for the encouraging words! Just had a bit of a wobble today. Had a rest for an hour or so after got home, then just did some very gentle yoga to help with my breathing and to loosen me up. Feel better now, and the sun is back out and everything feels a bit cheerier. Going to have a nice quiet day then try again tomorrow. Hope you feel better too soon. That sounds really painful! x

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Good luck for your next run.

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to Eightpaws

Thank you! I rested up and got up early and attacked it again, before the pollen demons could get me, and was just fine! On to W9R2 now!

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