Physio Appt 😞

Well I went to see the Physio yesterday and he said I definitely shouldn't run at present and in fact I may not to be able to run in the future - he didn't say it's 100% but I should be prepared!! I've been given some exercises to do for a few weeks then I have to go back and see him. After having a look, and feel, of my back etc he said that i have very little movement in the mid spinal area and it's not certain that it will actually get any better 😒. So, it's still wait and see for a while.

I never thought I would be so disappointed to be told I may not be able to run!!


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  • 😥 you never know what tomorrow might bring keep your chin up

  • Sorry to hear this. Did he say why you have so little movement? What was the diagnosis? Don't give up hope after one visit, they may need to do further investigations to get to the bottom of the problem. Good luck with the exercises and take care. Fingers crossed you feel some improvement soon.

  • Plus which -- there's always the possibility of a second opinion. In the meantime: are you allowed to swim or what cardio exercise can you do? Just... the you that you want to be needs movement! If not running, what?

  • Hi. The Physio is a third opinion really as I had already seen two Osteopath's neither of which could get the offending area "moving". I could swim but where I live we only have a privately owned pool which can be rented at different times which is something I am looking into. I have one of those pedal exercisers that you can use while sitting in a normal chair and I can use this with my arms which hopefully will help to get things moving. I could use a cross trainer as it's non weight bearing but I don't have one and I'm no longer a gym member.

  • I think you should ask your physio what they think you ought to do for exercise. This doesn't sound super promising.

  • Sorry to hear this janey...I hope doing thr exercises helps and you get some better news in a few weeks. Are you managing to sleep ok, they may be able to help you manage that. xx

  • I'm sorry to hear that your physio has provided such a grim diagnosis. That said, swimming regularly can be just as rewarding as running, in terms of overall benefit to cardiovascular health and fitness, in addition being kinder upon the joints.

    If swimming is something you're considering, research both the Alexander and Total Immersion techniques, since both teach the importance of neutral spine alignment, while relying upon body roll and a high elbow entry as means of generating propulsion through the water, as opposed to kicking and pulling, which creates drag, resistance and stress upon the thoracic/upper lumbar region.

  • I would agree totally with looking into Swimming without Stress as a great technique based on Alexander technique principles.

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