Park run number two

That's another one under my running belt!!! Rainy? ✅ muddy? ✅ great fun? ✅

That's the second time this week I've been drenched but once you're wet, you're wet!!!

There were the gazelles, as usual...there were the kids...

And there was me...doing my W7R2...which I did..but that had finished as I'd just begun my 3rd and final what did I do? Well...for the last lap I ran the majority of it...and walked a little bit in between...spurred on by one of my friends who'd finished but spotted me labouring along...he was really good at motivating me to keep digging deep....I am going to tell you this but don't tell anyone else...I think I'm getting addicted to this running business...

Daddycav was stood in the window watching me...and there was a cup of tea ready for when I walked in..nice warm shower now coz I'm frozen to the bone...

I'm sorry but I have a happy little smile on my face again which will last all day!!! Yipeeeee!!!


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38 Replies

  • Brilliant Mummycav - yep you definitely sound a bit addicted to me! As others have said before your story is a brilliant one to follow. You had some doubt and some upsets along the way, but look at you now!

  • Yayyy well done for taking on another park run... this is getting serious now mate which is really good to hear and the fact your getting a buzz out of it is great, keep going your doing amazing 😀

  • What a brilliant post! I'm so pleased you went back and had another go. It sounds like a great morning. I can't wait to be good enough for a Park run and join in with the rest of you x

  • are good enough for a park run, honestly...there isn't a 'good enough' ...everybody is running their own journey out there....enjoying splashing through the puddles with other people who are there for the same reason...I would urge everyone to at least give a park run a go...

  • Ah I'm not there yet. Starting week four today. I'm hoping to have a go by week six when I can run a bit more x

  • You ROCK. Totally envious. I chickened out of parkrun no 2 so.... Kudos to you. Big cheesy grinning thing. 😂😂😂

    I know what you mean about the addiction. Your "itchy feet" is contagious.

    Well done matey. Xxx

  • Well done ,sounds great good on ya for getting out there doing them park runs

  • Well done on getting that Parkrun 'under your belt' Mummycav😊..and Wk7 R2 done too 😊..

    You are doing amazing and most definately hooked 😄...

    Go you.x

  • It's unbelievable!! JNR!!! Unbelievable....

  • Yay well done!! We are getting hooked on this running lark!! 🎉🎉🎉

  • Well done. I went to Parkrun today as well, although I didn't manage to do the run I had planned. But I did run about 3k of it - just waiting to see my time as I used my Garmin to measure the time I ran not the whole thing.

    But well done you :)

  • I beat my last time by 2 minutes...and i came 207th out of 224!!! Not fantastic but better than being on the couch!!!

  • Absolutely!!!

  • Yay! Well done! I cannot wait to do my first parkrun! 😘

  • Shhhhh - Your secret is safe, well

    Done on the park run:)!!!

  • Yeay!!!! Another one :) xxx

  • Wonderful and well done. Better be careful, you'll be hooked on this running thing soon! 😉

  • Brilliant, kudos to you for getting no. 2 under your belt! I think you are falling hook, line and sinker...

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

  • Yes!!! Knew you could do it! 🏃‍♀️

  • WOO HOO lovely, this is fabulous, truly fabulous.😊👏👍🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ You did it in the rain too and you're defo a runner in the making. Chuffed to bits for you, keep doing the park runs, you're made for this 😊 xx

  • Well done Mummycav, you are an inspiration to us all. XxX

  • Really? Me? An inspiration??? I think you're mistaking me for you lot!! You are all inspirational to me....that's why I am where I am!!

  • Yes, really you.

  • Nice one Mummycav! I did my first one today and haven't stopped grinning since!

  • Now that's much better, well done lass

  • How did your run go today??

  • Went well kept my head and kept my pace, was a little hillier than my normal running ground but managed to run at my normal apce

  • Have posted!

  • Brilliantly done addict. Remember our mantra 'Lycra is good but Wet Lycra is better' or is that just mine? Great stuff...

  • 😂😂 I'll keep that one in mind for my next soaking!!!

  • Whoooooppppp go girl . Very addictive indeed . We are going to do a park run when home for sure . Thunder storms today so not able to run as far to wet so went on 6km hike over the hillls instead - try tomorrow xxx

    Proud of you

  • Thank you...You def need to do a park's'll love it! Hiking over the hills sounds nice? Here's hoping for tomorrow for you xx

  • So addictive it's scary eh? Well done you👏

  • It is!!! 😉

  • So pleased to hear all the positive feedback on Parkrun. I will be doing my WK8 R3 next Saturday if I manage R1 and R2 Tuesday and Thursday. Hope there will be others to get me over the line. Struggled with last 5 mins of 25 yesterday.

    Not to steal your show though you are indeed a true Champion !

  • 25 minutes is a struggle, I'm not going to lie....but with determination & will power you will do it....& don't let them gremlins tell you otherwise!!!

  • Fantastic effort! Parkrun addiction and flying through C25K, inspirational stuff 👏👍Can't beat that post soggy run cuppa 😀

  • It's was the best brew I've had for yonks!!!

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